Amanda-Lina's Brides

  • Kilauren Freeman


    WEDDING DATE: 2016-09-10

    MY STORY: I was getting very frustrated with the wedding dress shopping process. I had gone with my mum and bridesmaids, did the whole Kleinfield experience, but nothing felt right. My mum and I decided to go out on our own one day. I had set up a few appointments and after a couple unsuccessful ones we ended up at Amanda-Lina's! As we walked in my mum reminisced about how she and her 2 sisters had bought their dresses about 30 years ago from Lina's. I instantly felt a connection to this place. We had lost my aunt to cancer a couple years back (she is also my godmother) and I wanted her by my side so badly. In a way now she was! Dimitra fitted me in 3 dresses, listened to what I said about each and by the fourth one she nailed it. I knew instantly it was the dress for me. Everyone says you just know and I never believed that would actually happen but it did. I walked out and my mum started crying right away. I said "yes to the dress" and rang the bell! I quickly cancelled our next couple appointments and we went for lunch to celebrate! I will always remember that day and my beautiful Mori Lee gown from Amanda-Lina's Sposa Boutique. Thank you Amanda-Lina's and Dimitra for making my wedding day absolutely perfect!