Amanda-Lina's Brides

  • Kristin Williams-Racz


    WEDDING DATE: 2015-06-13

    MY STORY: 15 yrs ago we met. We built a life together, two cities, 3 animals and house later he asked me to be his wife. I thought it would never happen. I also thought I would never be put through hell when it came to my wedding dress!!! I purchased this dress from another store and it came in PINK! I didn't want pink & I didn't order pink. I was told we don't have enough time before my wedding to fix this. Heartbroken, we went home. Days later my mom and I were watching Say Yes to the Dress Canada and THERE IT WAS! MY DRESS on another Bride! We made an appointment the next day. Almost two weeks after I was told I would never get my dress in on time, I was at Amanda-Lina's, and the Designer was on the phone discussing MY dress! YES we CAN get it in on time!!! Done and done! The staff at Amanda-Lina's saved my wedding dreams! I want to thank each and every one of you for that! It fit like a glove, and my Husband cried as he saw me walk down the aisle. My Mother was over the moon happy with our experience, and my Dad could not have looked prouder that day! Thank you!!!