Amanda-Lina's Brides

  • Nicole Allard

    DRESS NAME or STYLE NUMBER: Val Stefani D8035

    WEDDING DATE: 2013-07-20

    MY STORY: My husband and I were married July 20, 2013. It was a PERFECT day, even the weather behaved (unlike the rest of the week when it was either so hot you couldn't be outside, or, what felt like, monsoon season). I first saw a picture of my dress when I was looking online for ideas. It was love at first sight. I wanted something unique, beautiful, and, above all else, me. I frantically called around to see who carried this dress. As I quickly found out, this dress was not in stores yet, it was only making its way around for Val Stefani trunk shows. When Amanda-Lina's told me they had it, I was so excited. BUT! I could only make it for the very last day it was at the store, literally down to the hour before it was packed up and sent out. It was the only dress I came to see at the store, the only one I tried on....and it was perfect. Sparkle, feathers, practically screamed NICOLE. I cried, my mom was the best I could have hoped for. I married the man of my dreams in my dream dress. My guests still talk about how perfect it was. Thank you for making (I'm sure) another dream come true.