Prom 2014

Mac Duggal Prom Dresses

Graduating from high school is the first step you make towards your real life. Leaving the school behind and, in one way or another, leaving the childhood behind for good as well is a huge moment in one’s life. Therefore, you will want to celebrate it as it deserves! Your prom is definitely important for you and you deserve to feel like you are the most beautiful girl at the ball. For this reason, Amanda [...]

Celebrity Inspired Prom Dresses

Celebrity dresses are always used as design pegs for prom dresses. Red carpet looks get the spotlight come awards season and premiere nights. It’s no surprise that planning the “prom look” involves scanning magazines for the latest trends or that coveted celebrity inspiration. Female prom attendees all come with different preferences in style. It is evident when they strut their stuff and show a side of them that reveals their flair for clothing choices. If [...]