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You definitely want to look gorgeous on your wedding day. However, comfort and feeling great in your own skin always go hand-in-hand – so before you even worry about your preventing your makeup from running, make sure your feet are comfortable. How to do this? Here are some tips that will keep you dancing throughout the entire wedding day:

• Wear your heels before the Big Day. This is no myth: shoes that are slightly worn will always be more comfortable than shoes that are brand new – and this is especially true for stilettoes. Wear your shoes for about half an hour a day for the week before the wedding to make sure your feet get comfortable in them.
• Adjust them as necessary. If you feel you need shoe inserts to prevent blisters from erupting on your Big Day, do not hesitate to buy some that are really comfortable. Also, if you feel that your shoes need to be a bit more wide, put them on after having heated them with the help of a blow dryer. Last, but not least, if you feel your sandals are too slippery, use deodorant to prevent them from making you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.
• Plush lining. To avoid friction (and the pain that can come with it), line your wedding shoes with plush. Although this might cost you a bit more, it will be more than worth it if you want to feel truly great on your Big Day.

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Love—so many people think they know what it is, without actually realizing it’s true meaning. As human as we are, it is common for us to forget what love is; especially when we try to think about ourselves first instead of our loved ones. This is why it’s good to always have a reminder of what love is and what it isn’t.

First of all, what is love? Love is something we experience in any moment we spend with someone, without any beliefs or judgments about that individual; whether he is good or bad. We accept their character because we know that makes them who they are. Further, love is divided into three qualities:

Complete and Unconditional Acceptance

When we love someone, we allow them to be who they are exactly, without any pretensions. And while they may possess some qualities that are unpleasant to us, we do not insist they change. We accept their flaws and lack, without any belief they aren’t good enough for us. We accept their true selves without any belief that they will be a much ‘better’ version of themselves if they were different. Regardless of what they do or say, we will always love them no matter what.

Love Eliminates a Sense of Loneliness or Separation

When we accept another individual’s flaws and identity, we start to love them for whom they are. We stop judging them for their mistakes and this eliminates our feeling of being alone. It starts to create a longing for love and connection from the other individual. And when we’re with the person we love, the feeling of separateness from other people vanishes. In the absence of judgment, what remains is love.

Love is Selfless

In the words of a famous snowman named Olaf: [Love is] “when you put someone else’s needs before your own.” This couldn’t have been said any better. When we love someone, we do not need them to do anything in return for us; even if the other individual may not love us back. If this is something we are looking for, then we are merely using another person to fulfill our selfish goals. Instead, we love for the sake of love.

To better understand what love is, it is best to identify what love is not:

Looking for someone to love us means we’re only looking for someone to use for our own happiness.
Requiring our partners to do certain things for us. The same goes for trying to improve or change them into someone they’re not.
Excitement on your future with someone may create nice thoughts but it isn’t what love is all about.
Loving how that person makes you feel isn’t love.
Being afraid of getting hurt is not a part of love.
It is easy to mistake what you are feeling for someone and think that it is love. But if you carefully analyze the situation and what you are feeling, you may realize that it may not be love at all; you may simply be looking for someone who can fill in the gap in your life. Do yourself a favor and learn to love yourself first. This way, you’ll find out what true love really is all about

When you think about your wedding day look, it includes more than just your dress. You probably know what you want your hair to look like for your big day, too. When you try on dresses, it’s important to keep your wedding day hairstyle in mind.

Different hairstyles will change how a dress looks on you. While you might not like the look of a strapless gown with your hair pulled back, you might love it when you let your hair down.

Strapless wedding dress on brunette

If you’re planning on a drastic color change for your wedding day, it’s worth doing a trial run of it for trying on wedding dresses. Some brides opt for a wig in their wedding day color if they aren’t ready to make the change just yet. You might find that as a brunette you look better in ivory, but as a blonde a white gown suits your tone.

Just as it’s important to think about what undergarments and shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day, keeping your basic wedding hairstyle in mind can really make an impact on what wedding dress you choose.

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When you invest in a wedding dress, you know it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever wear. It’s not just an item of clothing — it’s what you are wearing to start your new life as half of a married couple.

Blue Bridal by Mori Lee

After buying the dress, you’ll know how to keep it safe until the big day. However, many brides aren’t sure what to do after the wedding. There are some basic steps to take to ensure your wedding dress is properly preserved.

  • Hang it up on a soft hanger. When you got your dress, it was probably kept safe on a padded hanger and in a cloth bag. Put it back on that hanger and in that bag. Don’t put it in plastic or on a wire or wood hanger, as these can distort the fabric and make stains worse.
  • Don’t try to clean it. Chances are good you’ll have a few stains on your wedding, and many that you won’t be able to see. Brush off any dry dirt, but leave the cleaning to the professionals.
  • Find a professional. Before your big day, find a cleaner who specializes in wedding dress preservation. The exact methods may vary, and will often depend on the materials in your dress. Talk to them beforehand to let them know your preferences for presentation and storage.

Of course, some brides choose to convert their wedding gowns. If you intend to convert your gown to an evening dress, let us know when you’re shopping. We can help you find the right style for this.

Whether you keep your dress for your own memories, or to pass on to future generations, the important thing is to keep your dress safe until you can take it to a professional.

To find out more about preservation, or to find the perfect dress for your Ontario wedding, get in touch with us today.

One of the biggest parts of any bride’s wedding planning is finding the perfect dress. This can be a challenge for any woman, but some styles will flatter your shape more than others. Being prepared to narrow the search down can be a huge help and save you lots of frustration.

Essence dress

Dress by Essence

If you have great legs, consider a dress that shows them off. Cocktail length dresses are more popular than ever, and many designers are including at least one shorter skirt in each collection. Another leg-revealing trend is the waterfall skirt, with a shorter hemline in the front and a longer train behind.

For well-toned arms, you don’t need to go completely sleeveless to show them off. Sleeves with slits, lace sleeves, and short sleeves can all flaunt your arms. A sleeveless or strapless dress can also be worn with an armband, giving a bit of bling to your best asset.

Whatever your shape or style preference, we’re happy to help you find the perfect dress for your wedding. Get in touch today to get more great advice on finding your ideal wedding gown.

Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we’re taking time to enjoy the holiday season. It’s also a time for us to thank all of the brides we have worked with throughout 2012.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, with all the joy of the season. We’re sure there will be a few new engagements, so let us be the first to say congratulations.

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A lot of brides wonder whether or not they need
to send out save the date cards to their guests.
While they aren’t always required, they can be a
big help for both the couple and their guests.

Here are a few of the big reasons that save the
date cards are a good idea:

Travel arrangements: A save the date card can give
your guests extra time to plan their travel and
accommodation. This is especially important if your
wedding is going to be over a holiday weekend,
or if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Getting things set: Having a tentative date in mind for
your wedding is much different than having an actual
date sent. Once you have a firm date, and have told
people to be free that day, you’ll be more committed
to the planning, and less likely to change things around.

Theme and style: Save the date cards can give your guests
an early hint about what style of wedding you’re planning,
and your wedding colors.

Introduction: For many couples, the save the date has
taken the place of an engagement announcement. In this
way, the save the date can introduce your more distant
friends and family to your fiancé and, depending on style,
even give them a picture of you as a happy couple.

Although we don’t carry Save the Date Cards, we know
who does. Also, if you’re still looking for wedding
accessories, please come see what we have to offer.