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Your wedding day should be filled with light, happiness, and truly candid memories. And while choosing the perfect dress, the prettiest makeup and the most exquisitely stylish accessories are all important steps to making yourself feel like a royalty, it is also important to feel great on the inside as well.

How to do it? Here are some wonderful tips to help with this.

• No, you don’t want to look as if you went through a famine before the wedding day. Shiny, healthy and happy will always beat skinny – so make sure you feed your body with nutritious foods. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, stay away from saturated fat, and be sure you eat complex carbs too. Also, water can go a long way when it comes to your body’s health, so be sure you get enough of that too.

• Find a type of exercise you like. For some, this may be running. For others, it’s all about weight lifting at the gym. And for others, it may mean a sweaty workout with their loved ones. Do what works for you and you will most likely love it.

• It takes about 4 weeks for your mind to “register” the new life regimen as a routine – so hang on for one month and see what happens. Chances are your new lifestyle will stick to you!

• Last, but not least, remember that love is the best beauty enhancer. When we’re in love, our bodies release happiness hormones – and believe us, these tiny chemicals will make you shine with gorgeousness on your Big Day!

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