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As a bride, you want nothing more than to wear the most stunning wedding dress. And yet, finding it can be a little tough – especially with the huge variety of designers and models available on the market these days.

Here at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we want to come forward and help you on this. We want to make sure you are familiar with the freshest, most amazing designs on the market, so that you decide on that one dress that suits you from all points of view. For this reason, we always organize exciting trunk shows right here, in our boutique – and Our Simone Carvalli Trunk Show is one of the biggest upcoming events in this respect.

What are some of the most important things to know about this trunk show? Read on and find out more.

• Simone Carvalli is one of the most well-known names in the bridal gown industry – and not without reason, obviously. Each dress designed under Simone’s signature speaks about sophistication, luxury and beauty in its purest, most elegant, and most timeless form.

• The Simone Carvalli wedding gown embrace a woman’s body in opulence and fine attention to detail. The Swarovski crystals, the silk, the timeless elegance and romanticism, the comfort, the perfect blend between “classic” and “modern” – these are all traits that follow Simone Carvalli’s work from one collection to another.

• We bet you are anxious to see the new collection too! Therefore, you will be happy to know the Simone Carvalli Trunk Show will take place very soon – from January 20th to January 22nd. Don’t forget to come prepared to make a purchase – we have already selected the stunning designs we want to bring in store once the collection is fully available, but your favorite dress may not be among them.

Come visit Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, make a reservation for the upcoming Simone Carvalli Trunk Show and find the best dress to accompany you down the aisle on the Big Day!