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Thankfully, modern brides do not have to follow strict rules of etiquette the same way as their mothers and grandmothers had to. There may be some common sense rules, but aside from that, brides these days have a lot more freedom to do and wear whatever they want for their Big Day.

And if a short wedding dress is what you have always dreamed of for your special day, there’s absolutely nobody to tell you cannot make your dream come true. How to pick a beautiful short dress that really screams “I’m a Bride”, though? Read here and inspire yourself:

• A short ball gown dress. That’s right, you can have the princess skirt and the short dress as well! This unique type of design is out of the ordinary, it is full of personality and it can be just as stylish and elegant as a long wedding dress too. Plus, it will make you feel like a real life version of your favorite Disney princess…brought into 2015.
• The little white dress. You don’t have to be overly complex about your short white dress if you don’t want to. A simple cut white dress with beautiful embroidery and embellishments can do the trick. And if you want to really feel like a bride, accessorizing this dress with a short veil will look absolutely gorgeous.
• Short, but only in the front. Wear a short dress in the front with a large train in the back and you will feel both very modern and extremely timeless as well. This is the kind of dress that can make a true fashion statement!

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By now, it has become clear for most people that weddings are not as traditional as they used to be. Of course, you have all the right to plan a wedding that’s all about etiquette – but if that’s not what you want for your Big Day, there’s nobody to stop you from doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

For instance, you don’t have to wear a long dress if you feel that a short one would suit you better. There are a lot of short wedding dresses that are truly elegant and gorgeous, so you can still have your glamorous Big Day even if you are not wearing a long dress. Here are some of our favorite short wedding dress ideas out there:

• 50s ballerina. This is the perfect short dress for those of you who want to have a vintage-inspired wedding. Not long, but not extremely short either, this kind of wedding dress is really graceful and elegant – and it will look amazing on just about any type of body.
• Short and embellished. Want to look sexy and glamorous on your wedding day? Go for a short dress that hugs your body and adorns it with gorgeous embellishments. From feathers to crystals, pearls and embroidery, there are many wedding dress embellishments that look stunning on short dresses too.
• Classy and lacey. A short wedding dress can be just as classy as a long one. Pick a design beautified with a bit of lace in the upper part and which follows a very simple cut if you want to look timelessly elegant in a short wedding gown.

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