Shopping for the right wedding dress can be both exciting and quite stressful – especially when you want every single detail of this special gown to be absolutely flawless. Of course, bringing relatives and friends with you can help a lot – but please be aware of the fact that there are some people you shouldn’t actually include in your wedding dress shopping entourage?

Who are these people and why would you decide not to invite them when searching the dress? Read on and find out more.
• The one who is always overly critical. Sure, you need good honesty and you need people who will tell you straightforward when something simply doesn’t suit you. But don’t bring with you people who are overly critical and picky with everything in their lives. Chances are that they will make you feel really pessimistic about the prospects of finding a truly gorgeous dress.
• The one who is really conservative. Regardless of whether you want a traditional or an unconventional wedding, you shouldn’t bring this person with you. Even when a dress follows royalty wedding etiquette, they will still find something “too modern” or “too much” about it.
• The entire wedding party. Inviting your Maid of Honor (and maybe one-two of your closest bridesmaids) is perfectly fine and recommendable. But bringing the entire crew with it may give you one too many opinions on the dress you are supposed to wear on your Big Day.
• The flower girl. It’s perfectly fine to bring the flower girl with you if you know that her age is adequate for this. But if she is very young, chances are that she will get bored seeing you dress and undress one thousand-and-one gowns.

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