Nowadays, there are plenty of brides who decide to wear a separate dress for their wedding reception. A reason why this happens is because there are brides who are torn between two dresses that they would like to wear on their wedding day. Additionally, there are brides who would like to wear something they can be comfortable in during the reception. Especially since there will be some dancing involved, it is important that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

If this is something you are deciding upon, knowing the pros and cons of wearing a second dress on your wedding reception can be a big help. Here are some of the things you need to know about making this decision:

Reasons for Buying a Second Dress
For each bride, there is a different reason as to why they would want to wear a second wedding dress. Make sure that you list down these reasons so you can determine whether there really is a need for you to change into a second dress or not. If you are having a traditional wedding, you may need to wear a second dress for it; especially if you are Chinese. After all, you will need to change into a red and gold dress for the wedding reception.

Also, if you are preparing for a special dance number with your husband instead of a traditional first dance, you may be required to change into another dress so you can freely move during the dance. Make sure that you are honest with yourself when you list down your reasons on why you need a second dress for your wedding reception. Since these dresses can be very costly, you have to ensure that you are making a wise decision on your purchase.

If you have decided to wear a separate reception dress, make sure that it does not require a second change of lingerie. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to buy a new pair, you do not waste time when you’re changing into your reception dress. Your guests will be waiting for your return so don’t take too long when you change into the second dress.

A good tip to remember when you have decided to buy a reception dress is to pick one out with the same style and color. This will help make it look that the two dresses are part of one collection, specifically created to complement one another. The second dress, however, is a shorter and has a more casual look compared to the original wedding dress that you picked for your ceremony.

Remember that when you’re deciding to get a separate reception dress, it means that you are adding to the cost of your wedding budget. If this is something that you have set a budget for, feel free to browse through our collection to find both your wedding ceremony and reception dress.

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