Shopping with mom can be an amazing experience – but it can also add to the stress, especially when it is your wedding dress that you are searching for. How to make this easy and productive for both of you? How to involve your mom in the wedding gown shopping process? We have some tips for you – read on and learn more about this.

• Be very sensitive and very honest. Your mom only wants to help, and even though her ideas may not always coordinate with yours, she isn’t doing this on purpose. Be honest with her, tell her when you don’t like something, but also make sure you don’t hurt her feelings. You wouldn’t like this to be done to you, would you?

• Be constructive when giving feedback. Don’t just toss “no” in the air and leave it like that. Tell your mom what you like and don’t like about her ideas. This way, she will adjust to your wedding dress dreams and she will be able to help you more with this important decision.

• Do listen to her too. Yes, this is your Big Day and yes, you kind of have an idea of what your dress should look like. But, as it happens, a lot of brides find the one when they least expect it – and it looks like nothing they imagined. Try on a few of your mom’s suggestions – you may have a huge surprise.

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