For most brides-to-be, finding the perfect wedding gown is, of course one of the top priorities. However, before you jump right into the “hunting” part, make sure you start things on the right foot. Here are some tips to help you with this:

• Think of your venue. When searching for the perfect wedding dress, always remind yourself that the way the venue looks should be reflected on your dress too. In other words, if your venue is very elegant (e.g. a ballroom), your dress should be very elegant too. On the other hand, if you have chosen a more informal venue (such as a rustic one, for example), your dress should reflect that.
• Think of the season. Naturally, you will want to feel comfortable in your dress – and picking it according to the season outside is really important. For instance, if you want to have a summer outdoor wedding, a dress made out of chiffon (or any other “airy” fabric) will be a great choice. Also, if you want a fall/winter indoor wedding, a dress made out of silk or satin will make you feel really amazing.
• Think of the budget. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to take your budget into consideration. If you are like the vast majority of the brides in the world, breaking the bank for your wedding is not an option. So you will really have to make sure that you keep your finances in mind when choosing everything related to your wedding – including (but not limited to) your wedding dress.

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