Of course, as the bride, you will want to be radiant, beautiful and truly stunning at your wedding – after all, your big day is such a huge, life-changing moment! How do you do that? How do you ensure your natural beauty shines through and amazes everyone at your wedding?

We have gathered some of the most important tips to remember if you want to look and feel beautiful on your big day. Read on and find out more.

• First and foremost, coordinate your bridal appearance with your wedding. It doesn’t matter what theme you have chosen for the big day – but it does matter that you carefully coordinate your look with your theme. You don’t have to go over the top with this – just make sure your hair, makeup and overall style “fit” within the picture created by your wedding décor, location, and venue.

• Furthermore, remember that it is very important to hire a professional hairstylist and a makeup artist. They will give you their expert advice on how to pull off styles that really suit you from all points of view, and they will also be able to flawlessly execute these styles too.

• Keep in mind: you should also schedule trial appointments with both your hairstylist and your makeup artist! Be sure you do this well in advance, so that you have plenty of time to incorporate the changes they suggest – such as leaving the hair to grow out, applying professional skin treatments, and so on. Ideally, you should have your beauty trials with at least one year before the wedding!

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