Your wedding photos are something that you’ll keep for the rest of your life. But every bride worries that she won’t look her best in them. Here are a few tips for making sure that you look great in your wedding photos.

First off, when you choose your dress, make sure you get one that is great quality. A designer dress will look much better in photos than a cheap knock off will. With the quality of camera your photographer will be using, the flaws on a bad quality dress will show up.
Second, make sure the dress you choose fits you properly. An ill-fitting dress can make you look uncomfortable and is a big culprit in creating the dreaded back fat ridge. Don’t worry about the size on the label, as bridal sizing is much different than regular dress sizing. Your Ontario bridal salon will match you to the right size based on your actual measurements.
Finally, choose a dress you love. Being in a dress you enjoy being in, and want to be seen in, will show on your face and posture. This will instantly make you look better in your photos!
If you’re looking for the wedding gown that will make you look great for your Ontario wedding, make an appointment to visit us today!

Photo: Flickr/Nan Palmero

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