Winter weddings are incredibly romantic and magic. Surrounded by the cold weather and by the stunning landscape of the winter, your wedding stands a very good chance of being a complete success. Even so, you should definitely pay attention to the details that make for a winter themed wedding – and this includes your bridesmaids’ dresses too. How to choose their dresses for a winter wedding? Here are some tips:

• If you plan on having a winter wonderland themed wedding, avoid dressing your bridesmaids in white. However, you can definitely dress them in very light blue (icy blue) or in silver – and they will complement the theme perfectly!
• Another very popular choice for the winter is dressing the bridesmaids in blueberry blue. This darker shade of blue is really beautiful and it looks amazing in the winter décor – especially if you have chosen it as your wedding color too.
• If you plan on having a New Year’s Eve wedding, allow your brides to shine. Choose glittery dresses for them (or at least dresses that have sparkly accents on them) and your best friends will surely appreciate it.
• Red and deep green are also very popular choices for the winter wedding season. You can combine red and green bridesmaids’ dresses (for instance, your Maid of Honor could wear red while the other bridesmaids could wear green). Having all-red and all-green bridesmaids’ dresses is also a great idea. Also, you could settle on one of these two colors and allow your brides to choose their favorite shades too.
Here at Amanda Lina’s Bridal, you will find a very wide range of bridesmaids’ dresses to complement the natural beauty of your “favorite ladies”. Come visit us and pick your favorite dresses – your friends will definitely love your choice!
Photo source: Ann

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