Everyone knows just how important picking the perfect wedding gown can be. However, when faced with a myriad of options, it is very easy for a bride-to-be to get “lost” in them. Here at Amanda Lina’s, we understand brides better than anyone – and this is why we always select the best wedding gown designers and collections to bring into our store.

Come visit the Stella York trunk show and take a look at the wonderful gowns in this collection. Here are some of the things you should know about the show:
• The Stella York collection is created with the highest amount of attention to details and it’s almost impossible not to love these gowns. Magnificent, elegant and really intricate when it comes to the beadworks, these gowns are meant to make a woman feel like true royalty.
• These gowns come in a multitude of designs that can fit any kind of body shape. Created to fit perfectly and manufactured with high quality fabrics, these gowns will embrace your body beautifully.
• The trunk show takes place from December 4th to December 14th, so make sure to come check out the gowns before that date. Also, keep in mind that you should be prepared to decide on a dress that very same day because it may not be available later on (we have already chosen the designs we would like to bring into the store for the next season).
If you want to visit the Stella York trunk show and take a look at these stunning wedding gowns, remember to make an appointment with us. Call Amanda Lina’s at (905) 265 8707, contact us via our web form or leave us an email at info@amandalinas.com and we will make sure to reserve you a spot (or more) for the show.

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