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For many of the girls out there, their prom night is almost as important as their wedding day. Most likely, you are among those girls as well – and that’s perfectly normal, especially considering that this is a very big night for you.

The Jovani Prom collection we have brought in is absolutely stunning and it contains dresses to “die” for. There are so, so many reasons young ladies love these gowns, that you will not be able to resist getting one as well! Here are some of the main traits characterizing these prom dresses:
• Each and every single gown is elegant and extremely well-crafted. As you will see the detail work on these gowns is maddeningly beautiful, intricate, classy and unique.
• These dresses make for perfect elegant proms especially due to the fact that they are long. From floor-sweeping designs to slit designs, there is something for every single style out there – but never missing out on the elegance only a long dress can have.
• Every gown is special in its own way and it can reflect a girl’s personality. Some of them are classy and black, others are made with lace and others are made with intricate beading. Some of them are more revealing while others are romantic. Some of these dresses will make you feel like a princess and others will make you feel like a celebrity on the red carpet.
• The entire collection is extremely large and there are gowns in every color you can imagine. This way, you can pick something that will be truly suitable for your complexion, hair and eyes.
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Every lady wants to look special and beautiful, regardless of the occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are simply going to spend a night out in the city with friends or attend a big cocktail party – you will definitely want to choose the best dress possible.

Here at Amanda Lina’s, we are more than aware of what ladies love and this is why we only bring in the most beautiful collections out there. Black by Blush is one of our most stunning additions and the dresses in this collection will make for a wonderful choice for any evening event you want to attend. Here are some of the main characteristics featured by Black by Blush:
• These dresses are designed to celebrate the curves of a woman. Sexy and yet elegant, each of the dresses in this collection is gorgeously feminine in its own way. Most of them are quite short and classy at the same time and they will definitely make you feel like the queen of the night.
• They come in various colors, but they are all suitable for evening wear. From white to black and pink, there color scheme featured by this collection is meant to suit any kind of complexion and style.
• Each of these dresses is beautifully embellished as well. Some of them are inspired by the luxurious fashion of the Roaring Twenties, others come with more minimalistic designs meant to flatter your natural beauty. Either way, they are elegant and beautiful – and that’s precisely how you will feel wearing any of these dresses too!
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There are moments when we want to feel like the most beautiful women in the room. Regardless of the type of event that requires you to put on the best dress (be it a wedding or your graduation prom), you know that here at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique you will always be able to find what you are searching for.

Our Sherri Hill evening gowns collection may have precisely what you need: splendid dresses suitable for many styles. Each and every single dress in this collection is beautiful in its own way and once you get to see them, we guarantee you’ll fall in love as well! Here are some of the main things that make us love these gowns too:
• This collection features dresses suitable for all body shapes out there. From mermaid-designed gowns to sexy hip-hugging dresses, there is something for everyone out there!
• These dresses are suitable for almost every age. From debutants looking for something that will make them shine to confident socialites, there will be at least one dress to fall in love with.
• These dresses are glamorous and elegant by definition. Most of them feature feminine colors and stunningly beautiful sequin embellishments that really make a lady feel absolutely beautiful.
• These long evening gowns are extremely feminine and they are great ways to celebrate the harmony of the female body. From long dresses that allow people to peek at your gorgeous legs to floor-sweeping dresses in daring metallic colors, every single gown in this collection embraces the femininty in each and every one of us.
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Graduating from high school is the first step you make towards your real life. Leaving the school behind and, in one way or another, leaving the childhood behind for good as well is a huge moment in one’s life. Therefore, you will want to celebrate it as it deserves!

Your prom is definitely important for you and you deserve to feel like you are the most beautiful girl at the ball. For this reason, Amanda Lina’s has brought in a superb collection of prom dresses you will definitely find beautiful – the Mac Duggal collection. Why would you settle on one of these dresses? Here are some of the reasons that make us love them:
• These dresses are beauty by definition: they feature luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments worthy of a true princess! You will feel as if you have just stepped out of a fairy tale dressed in one of these gowns!
• There is something refreshing and youthful about these dresses too. Their lines are hugging the body in a gorgeous way and they are right on the edge between very feminine and very traditional as well.
• Mac Duggal is obviously proud of his Indian roots and you will see that as soon as you set your eyes on his collection. The vibrant colors remind you of the beautiful saris of this designer’s homeland and the magnificent embellishments will make you think of an exotic Indian bride without being too much for a prom too!
• There is a color and a design for every single one of you. From tight dresses to ball gowns and from deep red to mint green, there is something for just about anyone out there, so you will most likely fall in love with one of these gowns!
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Celebrity dresses are always used as design pegs for prom dresses. Red carpet looks get the spotlight come awards season and premiere nights. It’s no surprise that planning the “prom look” involves scanning magazines for the latest trends or that coveted celebrity inspiration.

Female prom attendees all come with different preferences in style. It is evident when they strut their stuff and show a side of them that reveals their flair for clothing choices. If you don’t know where to start, here are celebrity pegs that will help you achieve that perfect prom look.

Subtle Romance

For a hint of innocent romance, why not make your prom a dream-like celebration? Fairy tale inspired gowns come in subtle hues of pink, lavender and blue. This choice also helps you embody that princess charm that you’ve been dreaming of. Pretty with minimal accessories is the key. Let your beauty and the gown speak for its unassuming charm.

For reference, check out Elle Fanning and Carrie Underwood’s gowns.

Trendy Glam

Bustier or corset (top) gowns are glamorous when it truly complements your shape. The common features of this look include a fitting top that accentuates the chest area and a long, flowing skirt. Layers give off a goddess-like appeal that is suitable for your regal moment. (See Selena Gomez wearing an Atelier Versace fall 2012 gown) An alternate bottom is a full skirt for a playful appeal, as seen on the ever gorgeous Amanda Seyfried.

This style may not be appropriate for everyone, but the right pick for prom night can do wonders. Just make sure to abide by the school’s specifications so no one rains on your parade.

Dark and Edgy

Who says prom is only for sweet and demure girly dresses? You aren’t limited to pinks and pastels alone! Surely, some women like you want a more edgy look as your personality defines it. Chloe Moretz stands out in a sheer Valentino gown with dandelion prints. What makes it edgy? The colors are a combination of green, gray and purple.

Vintage Royale

Feeling the vibes of Old Hollywood? Vintage prom dresses are always raved about. The classic elegance never really gets old, just timeless and relevant even after many generations. Taylor Swift looks stunning in this sleek vintage-inspired dress. Vintage is also defined by intricate details, as seen in this Marchesa gown worn by Rita Ora.

More than the need to impress, what’s important is finding a style that best suits your personality. As cliche as it sounds, nothing beats making a lasting mark through a natural and effortless flair.

Find your celebrity inspired prom dress from our collection. Visit our store today to find your prom dress!

 Kylie Erica Mar wearing Mac Duggal Prom Dress on the red carpet

As award season progresses, fierce fashion and brilliant taste is what gets noticed! There were so many beautiful gowns worn on the Critics’ Choice Awards’ red carpet, but our personal favorite had to be Kylie Erica Mar in an iconic Mac Duggal Prom Dress.

Kylie is the host of Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition and wore Mac Duggal Style 82019. She looked totally amazing in this Illusion Prom Dress! It’s a form-fitting jersey prom gown with a plunging neckline and open back. We love the sheer illusion cutouts that run along the sides and the open back which makes for a totally red carpet look! Without a doubt, Kylie Erica Mar looks super fabulous in this gown.

You can totally see all those amazing details in this very sexy dress! We love it and Kylie really rocks this look! It’s a very hot style this yearand can easily become your prom dress.

Mac Duggal Newsletter. January 17, 2014