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Your wedding dress should complement you from every single point of view. It should complement your style, your personality, your wedding – but more than anything, it should embrace your body in a stunningly harmonious way.

How to choose a wedding dress based on your silhouette? We have some tips for you – so read on, inspire yourself and then come find the perfect wedding gown for yourself!

• Are you a pear-shaped silhouette? If so, you will need to draw the attention away from the lower area of your body – and A-line skirts do this marvelously. Focus on an intricate bodice and pretty detail-work in the upper area of your body and you will look absolutely breath-taking.

• If your body is apple-shaped, you should draw the attention away from the midsection part of it. Instead, focus on the upper area – you can even wear a simple, elegant skirt and an intricate corset to create the ideal balance between your upper and lower body.

• Brides with rectangular-shaped silhouettes should focus on creating volume in both the upper and the lower area. A tulle skirt with a very detailed bodice, ball gowns, dresses with ruching on the bodice – they are all amazing choices for those of you who want to accentuate your bodies and create superb, womanly curves.

• As for hourglass-shaped ladies, they will be more than happy in pretty much every type of wedding dress there is. However, we advise on emphasizing the middle area to add a bit of drama to your look. For something more unconventional, you could even wear a long skirt or a pair of flared pants and a crop top in the upper area!

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Your wedding gown is very important for you – but the way your wedding attendants look is surely equally important too. After all, these are your favorite girls in the whole wide world – and you want them to feel just as fantastic as you do on your wedding day.
How to choose the perfect dresses for them – and how to make sure they are happy with your choice? How to do this in an easy, smooth way? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Mixing and matching bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the hottest trends right now – and not without reason. Although mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses have been around for quite some time, this trend has grown to encompass a wide range of options both for the bride and for her attendants as well.

• Why would you settle on this particular trend? It makes things easier both for you and for your bridesmaids too. Allowing the ladies to choose their favorite fabrics, shades of a particular color, designs, lengths and necklines will help them pick dresses that really suit their bodies and natural features. Consequently, it will give them more self-confidence, they will be happier on the wedding day – and they will be better bridesmaids too.

• Regardless of whether or not you settle on the “mixing and matching” option, keep in mind that being budget-friendly will be more than appreciated by your bridesmaids. They are already spending quite a lot of money on the pre-wedding events and the wedding – and helping them save some bucks is surely a good idea.

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Everybody knows weddings are not in any way inexpensive. Given the uniqueness of the moment and the importance it has for so many brides and grooms, it makes perfect sense that you will want to have a really great head-start in your life as a married couple too.

Does that mean you have to break the bank, though? Even more, does that mean that you will have to spend a small fortune on your wedding gown?

Fortunately, you can wear a fantastic wedding dress and stay well within your budget. How to do this? How to save money on a gorgeous wedding gown? We have the tips to help you make it through – so read on and find out more.

• Start off with a realistic budget. Be very clear about it and don’t forget to include all the extras – such as the veil, the shoes, the undergarments and the alterations. Search for designers that fall within your budget and see which of their creations are appealing to you. You’d be surprised, but there are many budget-friendly designer wedding dresses that are absolutely breath-taking!

• Keep in mind the elements you really care about. For some brides, it may be an intricate lace. For others, it may be the cut and the décolletage. If you have something you are genuinely keen on wearing, stick to it and don’t make compromises – you can work with other elements of the wedding dress, not necessarily those you care the most about.

• Sell your dress after the wedding. Not planning to preserve the wedding gown? Selling it can bring back a good part of the price you paid for it – so unless you want to keep it for your daughter one day, this is an idea you can definitely consider.

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Getting married during the fall season may be seen as less popular than having a summer wedding – but the absolute truth is that fall weddings can be absolutely stunning. How to choose a dress that will transform you into the princess of your own fall wedding, though? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find your inspiration.

• A cobweb lace dress. As striking as it may be, fall is more than suitable for romantic textures and designs. This is precisely why a dress made with cobweb lace and veil can be more than suitable for the season outside. Delicate, beautiful and ethereal, this kind of dress will steal all the looks and it will surely make you feel drop-dead-gorgeous!

• An off-the-shoulder dress. These designs have been more than popular in the past year, so why would the end of the year make any exception from the rule? A long sleeved, delicately-designed wedding gown with an off-the-shoulder feature can be breath-taking on a fall bride!

• A late-fall wedding dress. Planning a wedding in late November? Search for a dress that impersonates the twisting, but almost-magic weather of this time of the year! A simple A-line that shows off just a little bit of leg through sheer fabric and which shows off a stunning snowflake-inspired broidery on the upper part – this is what pure magic looks like!

• A glamorous 20s dress. For a vintage bride in love with the high style and opulence of the Roaring Twenties, a wedding gown torn from that era will be more than perfect. Go for sparkly white, for the straight designs of the Great Gatsby years and for the feathery hair accessories to create a look that will wow everyone as soon as they see you!

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