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As a bride, you want nothing less than perfection when it comes to everything wedding-related. Of course, your look – and, more specifically, your hairstyle – makes no exception from this rule! But how do you coordinate your hairstyle to perfectly suit your wedding dress? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

• Boho-chic. Feminine and graceful, the boho-chic bridal style takes a lot of inspiration from the hippy style. If you plan on wearing a wedding gown that falls within these lines, you will want your hair to be just as expressive and beautiful as your dress is – so we suggest you settle on a messy braided up-do. For a dash of uniqueness and “naturalness”, you could also wear a flower crown or simply flowers in your hair.

• Classic. You are the kind of woman who always falls for the classics. You love timeless cuts and simple elegance more than anything – and your wedding dress reflects that. Of course, your hairstyle should be just as classy as the rest of the wedding look. Therefore, a low, sleek chignon will look absolutely stunning on you. For a bit of extra-elegance, add a pearl hairpiece to the mix – it will complement your entire appearance!

• Avant-garde. You are modern and unconventional. You love trespassing the boundaries of fashion – so your dress is most likely high-fashion and very contemporary. Your wedding hairstyle should also be out-of-the-box and unique – so talk to your hairstylist about creating an up-do that really makes a statement.

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Amanda Lina’s Bridal Boutique loves nothing more than seeing brides truly happy with the dress they chose for their Big Day. This is why we will always pride ourselves to provide brides (and their bridesmaids) with a very wide range of wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses to choose from – and this is also why we always bring in new collections as soon as they are available too.

This time, we want to delight you with a superb collection bearing the famous names of Maggie Sotter and Sottero Midgley. What are some of the most important things to know about this trunk show? Read on and find out more!

• Maggie Sottero is one of the most resounding names in the entire bridal industry – and not without reason. With gorgeous dresses created to suit not only the passing trends, but also the timeless ideal of bridal beauty, this designer will awe you with her amazing gowns, with the stunning detail work and with the uniqueness each piece is naturally infused with.

• Established in 1997, the Maggie Sottero brand draws its roots no less than four generations earlier than that. These days, the brand comes under two names: Maggie Sottero (focusing on dresses created with the romantic bride in mind) and Sottero Midgley (a more contemporary bride-aimed branch of the same great designer house).

• The trunk show will take place on August 25th and August 26th – so if you want to take a look at these stunning creations, be sure to contact Amanda Lina’s and make a reservation. Also, be aware of the fact that we have already made our selection, so you should be ready to come and buy the dress you love (it may be possible that we haven’t selected your preferred design to bring into the store).

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There’s nothing more important for a bride than feeling truly gorgeous on her wedding day. As a bridal boutique, we understand this better than anyone in the world – and we also understand that it’s not just about the dress, about the jewelry or about the makeup. Feeling amazing in your own skin “happens” when the perfect combination is found – and bridal shoes are hugely important in the “mix”.

How to choose your wedding shoes? Here are some tips to assist you with this!

• First and foremost, think of comfort first. If you are not used to wearing high heels, don’t. If you are not used to wearing stilettoes, don’t. Put your feet’s comfort first – otherwise, you might end up in pain on one of the most important days of your life.

• Furthermore, remember that shoes really have to be broken in – and this is something to do weeks before the wedding itself. Walk around in your shoes, allow them to take the shape of your feet and practice that fabulous walk down the aisle too – it will be worth it!

• Also, keep in mind that your shoes should be unique. Yes, you are allowed to personalize them anyway you like it. As long as they suit your style, your wedding theme and your unique self, you can have your shoes customized in your favorite colors, you can have them painted, you can have messages written on them or you can leave them as white as snow itself. Your pick!

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Your bridesmaids are your best friends and your closest relatives, the special ladies who will walk before you down the aisle, the amazing superheroes who will help you plan the Big Day and the genuinely concerned women who will lend you a hand on the day of the wedding as well.

Naturally, you want your bridesmaids to reflect you and your style – but you also want them to feel perfect on your Big Day. How do you choose dresses for your bridesmaids that everyone will love? Here are some useful tips:

• Keep it simple and elegant. This is the absolute key to finding bridesmaids’ dresses that are truly appreciated by them, and by the other guests as well. Simple cuts, pretty fabrics, nice colors that go with your color scheme – these three ingredients should be kept in mind at all time.

• Keep it budget-friendly. Truth be told, your special ladies have already spent a lot on the Big Day (not only for traveling and accommodation, but also for the pre-wedding events too). Keep their dresses budget-friendly and they will love you for being a considerate bride!

• Delegate the tasks. Afraid you have too much on your hands, and not enough time to select pretty dresses for your bridesmaids? Delegate the task to your Maid of Honor. Simply offer her some brief guidelines and she will do a wonderful job of searching for the right dresses!

• Mismatching in style. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are very popular nowadays, and they can really make it so much easier for everyone involved! If you offer your bridesmaids some color swatches and some guidelines (e.g. the neckline, the general cut of the dress, and so on), they will choose dresses that actually suit them and your wedding style too.

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Choosing the perfect dress is very important for you as a bride-to-be – but making sure everything is absolutely flawless about it is also crucial for you as well. Of course, having the dress fit to your body is one of the absolute “musts” you will have to handle before the Big Day – but what are some of the things you should expect from your final wedding dress fitting? Read on and find out more.

• You should bring the perfect undergarments. By this time, you should have decided on what type of undergarments you need to wear on your wedding day – and you should also bring them with you, to make sure your seamstress makes accurate adjustments to your dress. Remember, every type of dress will “require” a specific type of undergarments, so be sure yours are perfectly fit for your gown’s design and cut.

• You should be prepared to ask questions and learn. Unfortunately, your seamstress will not be with you on your wedding day – so you and your Maid of Honor (or whoever it is that’s helping you put on the dress on your Big Day) should pay close attention to everything the seamstress does and say. Learn how to put the gown on, learn how to bustle it and ask any questions you might have.

• You should be 100% certain the dress is perfectly fit – both in terms of tightness and in terms of length. Your wedding gown should be tight enough to embrace your body beautifully, but it should also allow you to move around, dance and…breathe. If you are wearing a strapless dress, be extra-careful with the upper part fitting. The last thing you want is to have to constantly pull up your dress during the wedding!

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