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Your mother is one of the most important people in your life. Not only has she raised you, but she has also taught you to believe in the power of love and commitment. And here you are, approaching your wedding date, grateful for all the amazing things your mom has done for you!

Naturally, you want her to feel truly beautiful at the wedding – but what are some of the things she should keep in mind when choosing her dress for the Big Day? We have some tips for you and your mom – so read on and find out more.

• She should take cues from your style and from your groom’s style. Depending on how formal or informal your wedding will be, you and your loved one will set the tone of the wedding style – and your mom (as well as his mom) should first and foremost take cues from you.

• She should also look into the bridesmaids’ attires. Of course, she shouldn’t dress the same as the bridal party (and no, she shouldn’t even wear the same color either). However, she should somewhat coordinate her dress with the bridesmaids’ looks. For example, if the brides will wear blue, your mom should find a different shade of blue that complements her skin tone and looks great with the bridesmaids’ dresses too.

• She should also take the “technicalities” into account. We highly advise your mom to start searching for her dress as soon as possible (preferably, at least 3 months before the wedding, so that she has enough time to find, order and alter her dress). Also, your mom should also keep in mind that, traditionally, she should communicate with the mother-of-the-groom about their dresses, so that they coordinate at least in terms of style and formality, if not in terms of complementary colors.

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Your bridal look is of the utmost importance to you – and this means you care not only about the wedding gown itself, but also that you want the accessories to look splendid as well. How to choose the perfect wedding veil for your dress, though? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

• The right length is essential. Before you even start searching for the right wedding veil, think of the lengths that would look good with your dress and with your particular type of wedding. For instance, a cathedral-length dress may not look great with a casual dress at a rustic-chic wedding – and a birdcage dress may not look great with a very intricate ball gown dress either.

• Furthermore, think of the design, fabric and color too. The design of your wedding veil should be a beautiful complement to your dress, but it shouldn’t make your look feel like “too much”. Therefore, if your dress is already quite intricate, search for a veil that is simpler. In terms of fabric, remember that there are more options than just the classic veil (e.g.: you could wear a lace wedding veil, for example). Last, but definitely not least, keep in mind that the color of your dress should be as perfectly matched as possible with the color of your veil (which is why we recommend you to purchase them from the same place, and, even better, from the same designer line).

• To make sure your wedding veil looks flawless with your dress, keep in mind that it is also important to consider the accessories and the hairstyle too. Also, if you want to take your veil off for the reception, remind yourself to pay attention to the instructions on how to do this (we suggest you settle for something that will be easy to put on and easy to take off as well, so that you don’t waste too much time with this).

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Your wedding look is extremely important to you as a bride-to-be. Beyond that though, you also want to make sure your bridesmaids look splendid as well. After all, they are your best friends and the attendants you have chosen to stand by your side on the Big Day – so it’s only natural that you want them to feel just as amazing as you do.

Planning a Fall wedding and want your bridesmaids too look great? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when choosing their dresses:

• The style. Choose bridesmaids’ dresses designs that are easy to wear and, most importantly, will look good on all body types. In general, A-line cuts are suitable for a variety of body types – and there are plenty of A-line designs to choose from, so you will not feel limited.

• The colors. These days, most brides choose to have mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses – but this is entirely up to you. In the end, you can dress your bridesmaids in the same color, in different shades of the same color, in colors that look great with each other or in colors that are completely different. In case you settle for completely mismatched dresses, make sure to connect your bridesmaids’ looks with other elements (such as the bouquets, the dress’ cut, glitter on all the dresses, and so on).

• The comfort. Remember, your bridesmaids should not only look beautiful, but they should feel comfortable too! Choose dresses made from fabrics suitable for Fall weather (or allow your bridesmaids to wear shawls or jackets on top of their dresses), to make sure they feel weather-comfy.

• The price. Your bridesmaids spend a lot for the Big Day – so try to choose dresses that are pocket-friendly too. Your special ladies will surely appreciate this!

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This month, we have prepared a fantastic surprise right here, in our store: the Mori Lee Trunk Show! What are some of the essential things to know about it? Read on and find out more.

• Mori Lee is one of the most reputable wedding gown designers of the moment. With a name that transcends the entire world and with more than 6 decades and 3 generations of design behind it, this designer house really knows how to bring out every woman’s delicacy and natural beauty.

• The gowns themselves are intricately decorated without seeming like “too much”. Tasteful and timeless, modern and truly luxuriant, these wedding dresses have the magic power of making a woman wow herself in the mirror (not to mention the guests who will see her on the Big Day!).

• The Mori Lee Trunk Show starts on the 9th of June at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique – and it will last until the 20th of the same month. The trunk show will feature the new Fall/Winter 2017 Mori Lee Collection for the first time in Canada – so if you want to be among the first ones to lay eyes on these superb creations, you should definitely come and see us.

• Remember: if you see a gown and like it, be prepared to make a first payment! Amanda Lina’s has already made a selection of dresses and your favorite may not be among them!

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