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Trends may come and go – and for a lot of people, they don’t mean much. But for a bride-to-be who wants to feel fabulous on her wedding day, trends are more than just “rules made by the designers”. They are a source of inspiration and a tool of empowerment!

For instance, the new wedding cape trend may be to the likes of many brides-to-be. Why have they become so popular, though? Why would you pick one as well? Read here and find out more.

• They are very, very elegant. Considering it’s the cold season, you will want to be comfortable from all points of view – and for many brides, wearing a jacket is a complete no-no. However, wearing a wedding cape is completely different. This item speaks luxury, elegance, sophistication and timelessness – which makes it perfect for just about any type of wedding dress.
• They come in a stunning variety. From thin, lacy wedding capes to faux fur wedding capes, there’s something for every single type of bride and dress. Thus, you can rest assured that you will find a wedding cape to really suit your style and your wedding gown too.
• They look wonderful in the photos. Want to shoot some outdoor photos in the sea of fallen leaves? Or maybe in a blanket of snow? Your wedding cape will not only make this moment so much bearable, but it will also complement your pictures in a gorgeous way.

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Thankfully, modern brides do not have to follow strict rules of etiquette the same way as their mothers and grandmothers had to. There may be some common sense rules, but aside from that, brides these days have a lot more freedom to do and wear whatever they want for their Big Day.

And if a short wedding dress is what you have always dreamed of for your special day, there’s absolutely nobody to tell you cannot make your dream come true. How to pick a beautiful short dress that really screams “I’m a Bride”, though? Read here and inspire yourself:

• A short ball gown dress. That’s right, you can have the princess skirt and the short dress as well! This unique type of design is out of the ordinary, it is full of personality and it can be just as stylish and elegant as a long wedding dress too. Plus, it will make you feel like a real life version of your favorite Disney princess…brought into 2015.
• The little white dress. You don’t have to be overly complex about your short white dress if you don’t want to. A simple cut white dress with beautiful embroidery and embellishments can do the trick. And if you want to really feel like a bride, accessorizing this dress with a short veil will look absolutely gorgeous.
• Short, but only in the front. Wear a short dress in the front with a large train in the back and you will feel both very modern and extremely timeless as well. This is the kind of dress that can make a true fashion statement!

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There’s something undoubtedly charming about vintage weddings that has been keeping us “hooked” into the decades of the past when it comes to our décor, dresses and accessories. If you are among those struck by the beauty of the 1920s era, here are some wedding dress accessories you should definitely consider for your big day:

• A fancy, gemstone-packed pouch. Keep your “survival kit” in a cute, small bridal pouch decorated with rhinestones, glitter or sparkles. It will make your entire look pop and it will perfectly complement your wedding theme too.
• Feathery accessories. Aside from the opulence of the gorgeous diamonds and pearls so typical of the 1920s glam fashion, feathers are a definite “must” when it comes to recreating that decade’s style. Include them on your pouch or as fine accessories that complement your hairstyle. And if you want to be like a true angel, pick a dress with a feathery design too.
• Birdcage wedding veil. If you want your look to be completely inspired by the beautiful 1920s, forget about the long, floor-sweeping wedding veil and opt for something more…mysterious. The birdcage wedding veil works marvelously with a large range of hair styles, so you will definitely be able to incorporate it into your look.
• Precious headpieces. If you don’t want to wear a veil, that’s fine. But you might want to consider adding a precious headpiece to your entire look. Precious headbands incorporating gorgeous rhinestones and even diamonds were popular in that era – so “steal” a bit of this style and bring it into your wedding look.

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Every season brings its fresh wedding trends – and not just when it comes to wedding gowns, but when it comes to hair styles as well. What are the most recent wedding trends for bridal hair styles? We have gathered some of our favorites right here – so read on if you want to find out more.

• Hollywood glamour. There’s something about vintage styles that has been keeping us fascinated for quite some time now. And while 1920s hair styles and fashion will always be full of elegance and class, this season it’s the 1940s that get all of our attention. Talk to your stylist about creating some wavy curls just like those in the Golden Hollywood Age movies and you’ll feel truly stunning!
• Oversized, messy side buns. Same as vintage styles, buns have been quite popular over the past few years. From sleek ballerina buns to very messy top-of-the-head buns, there’s a wide range of options – and this season’s favorite are the messy side buns. Easy-going and fun, this hairstyle will add grace, femininity and a touch of uniqueness to your look – and it works with a lot of types of wedding dresses too.
• The very sleek pony tail. There’s nothing more simple, elegant and feminine than a pony tail. Adorn yours with a great hair accessory to make your hair shine and make sure it looks sleek, but full of volume – and you will feel just wonderful wearing this style, that’s for sure!

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