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Obviously, your wedding look is important to you – but the way your bridesmaids look is definitely important too. In the end, these are your best friends and they are going to be there for you when you tie the knot – so they do deserve to look pretty and nice in the photos too.
In general, brides choose similar (if not identical) gowns for their bridesmaids. However, things may be slightly different when it comes to the accessories your special ladies will wear on your Big Day. Should they be the same? Here are some things to keep in mind:

• You can ask your bridesmaids to wear the same accessories. Still, it would probably be better if you chose accessories that are different. Even more, it might be perfect for your bridesmaids to choose their own accessories. This way, you allow their personality to shine through and you allow them to add a touch of personal style to their attire.
• Some of you may worry that mismatched accessories will look messy (especially in the photos, where you will need a bit of symmetry to create something beautiful and well-balanced). However, if you choose accessories from the same collection (such as items that complement each other), they will definitely look gorgeous.
• Last, but not least, keep in mind that you can always give your bridesmaids some brief guidelines on the types of jewelry and accessories they should wear. For instance, you can tell them what metals to choose, what gemstones they should wear and how large/small their accessories should be.

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The 70s are back in fashion – and while they may have been “back” a few times before, the truth is that this year has taken the most elegant and breath-taking elements of the post-hippy decade. Why would you wear a wedding gown inspired by the 70s, though? We have gathered some of the best reasons right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

• It will be delicate, feminine and yet very sexy too. Because the 70s is all about flared cuts, a wedding gown inspired by this decade will most likely look great on almost any type of body. From tight dresses with flared mermaid skirts to gowns that flow into the floor to graciously sweep it, there’s something for just about anyone when it comes to 70s-inspired wedding dresses.
• The best designers of the world have put their creativity and talent to create gorgeous designs that bring together modern fashion and the subtlest and most fabulous elements of the post-hippy decade. This ensures you to find a dress that’s spectacular from all points of view and that will make you feel amazingly special on your wedding day.
• 70s-inspired gowns are perfect for the colder season, especially since a lot of these designs include long, flared sleeves. When combined with lace and beautiful embroidery, these sleeves are a true touch of style and uniqueness for any bride-to-be and her wedding look!

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By now, it has become clear for most people that weddings are not as traditional as they used to be. Of course, you have all the right to plan a wedding that’s all about etiquette – but if that’s not what you want for your Big Day, there’s nobody to stop you from doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

For instance, you don’t have to wear a long dress if you feel that a short one would suit you better. There are a lot of short wedding dresses that are truly elegant and gorgeous, so you can still have your glamorous Big Day even if you are not wearing a long dress. Here are some of our favorite short wedding dress ideas out there:

• 50s ballerina. This is the perfect short dress for those of you who want to have a vintage-inspired wedding. Not long, but not extremely short either, this kind of wedding dress is really graceful and elegant – and it will look amazing on just about any type of body.
• Short and embellished. Want to look sexy and glamorous on your wedding day? Go for a short dress that hugs your body and adorns it with gorgeous embellishments. From feathers to crystals, pearls and embroidery, there are many wedding dress embellishments that look stunning on short dresses too.
• Classy and lacey. A short wedding dress can be just as classy as a long one. Pick a design beautified with a bit of lace in the upper part and which follows a very simple cut if you want to look timelessly elegant in a short wedding gown.

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You definitely want to look gorgeous on your wedding day. However, comfort and feeling great in your own skin always go hand-in-hand – so before you even worry about your preventing your makeup from running, make sure your feet are comfortable. How to do this? Here are some tips that will keep you dancing throughout the entire wedding day:

• Wear your heels before the Big Day. This is no myth: shoes that are slightly worn will always be more comfortable than shoes that are brand new – and this is especially true for stilettoes. Wear your shoes for about half an hour a day for the week before the wedding to make sure your feet get comfortable in them.
• Adjust them as necessary. If you feel you need shoe inserts to prevent blisters from erupting on your Big Day, do not hesitate to buy some that are really comfortable. Also, if you feel that your shoes need to be a bit more wide, put them on after having heated them with the help of a blow dryer. Last, but not least, if you feel your sandals are too slippery, use deodorant to prevent them from making you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.
• Plush lining. To avoid friction (and the pain that can come with it), line your wedding shoes with plush. Although this might cost you a bit more, it will be more than worth it if you want to feel truly great on your Big Day.

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Your wedding day is a truly special moment in your life. Naturally, you will want to keep it alive forever. Unfortunately though, we cannot stop the time from its endless flow. What we can do, however, is to preserve the most beautiful moments in our lives – including our weddings.

So, how can you keep your Big Day alive in your memory for the rest of your life? Here are 3 tips to help you with this:

• Invest in great photography (and videography) services. A creative, talented photographer will know exactly how to capture those candid, romantic moments that are simply amazing. He/she will know how to preserve the most beautiful milestones of your wedding and how to make sure nothing important gets by without being “recorded” forever.
• Seize the moment. This may sound odd, but your memory may be the best “inventory” where you can “store” your gorgeous wedding moments. Allow yourself to truly seize this day and every second of it. Breathe in, leave the beauty of your wedding transpose you, be truly there and your brain will actually store all these moments under the “unforgettable” folder!
• Preserve your wedding dress. Undoubtedly, your wedding gown is one of the most important elements of your wedding – so why wouldn’t you preserve it to be beautiful forever? Who knows, maybe one day your own daughter will want to wear it for her own Big Day too!

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