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Every little girl dreams of being a princess one day – and for many ladies, their wedding day is the way this dream comes true. If you have decided you want to wear a ball gown for the Big Day, make sure to read the following tips because they will definitely help you feel more comfortable in your romantic Princess-like dress:

• Your ball gown should not be too long – otherwise, you risk tripping over it. Ask your seamstress to shorten the front of the dress just enough so that it brushes off the tip of your toes. This way, your dress will be at its optimum length and you will be able to move without worrying you’ll hurt yourself (or anyone else).
• Furthermore, talk to your seamstress about adding a bustle as well. This will gather the skirt and it will bring the train close to the length of your dress when you walk, so that you have more freedom of movement (both when you actually walk and when you dance as well).
• Last, but not least, avoid making your ball gown skirt too heavy. Even if you do want to achieve a “WOW” effect, having too much crinoline on your dress is dangerous because it will make it too difficult for you to actually wear it. Instead of extra-crinoline, go for softer fabrics (such as tulle, for example) because they will create the same “Princess-like” effect without burdening the entire dress.

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Finding the perfect wedding dress is very frequently one of the primary concerns most brides have to face when planning the Big Day. However, things can be a lot easier if you know exactly what to look after and what style suits you best.

How to find your wedding style? Here are 5 tips to inspire you:
• Body shape. You must have heard/read this a thousand times before, but there’s an actual reason why everyone keeps repeating it – it works and it is actually important. Before you even start looking at wedding dresses, make sure you know very well what types of dresses suit your body shape the best.
• Inspire yourself. And not necessarily from bridal magazines. If you have a favorite celebrity and you love the way she dresses, take her as your main source of inspiration and guide your style according to the things you love the most about hers.
• Feel the dress. When you try on a wedding dress, always keep in mind that it should make you feel comfortable in it. It should feel like it’s part of who you are and part of your personality too.
• Don’t exaggerate. The old “less is more” saying is more than true with wedding dresses too. Why wouldn’t it be, after all? Keep it simple, elegant and classy, accessorize with a beautiful pair of shoes and jewelry to suit your style and you’ll feel like the Queen of your Wedding Day.
• Make it personal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you should definitely make your wedding style as personal as possible. Monograms, heirlooms, integrating a piece of your father’s favorite tie – all these things make the difference, even if they are not actually noticeable. They will make the dress feel like yours and thus, they will make you feel absolutely gorgeous in it!

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Looking gorgeous on your wedding day is an absolute MUST – but so is feeling amazing for the other wedding-related parties as well. If you want to avoid wearing something bland for your rehearsal dinner, take a look at the following ideas because we have gathered the trendiest, most stylish and most unique rehearsal dinner outfits you should definitely consider!

• A white two-piece. Two-pieces are back in style – and we have fallen so deeply in love with them! If you think this would be too daring for your wedding, choose a casual two-piece for your rehearsal dinner and you will look fabulous. Keep it in mind though: they don’t have to be white, so if you fancy another color (be it a pastel, a bright color or even black), you are more than free to wear it.
• A white jumpsuit. If a two-piece doesn’t really suit your style, try a white, elegant jumpsuit. This is really comfortable, which means you will have plenty of freedom of movement to “run” around and make sure all the last preparations are in order. Same as with the two-piece, white is not mandatory, but you can go for it if you feel that it’s the best choice.
• A little white dress (or a little black one, for that matter). Accessorize a simple cocktail dress with beautiful jewelry and accents and it will look simply stunning on you! The length of the dress is entirely up to you – but keep in mind the level of formality of the event if you want to make sure your attire is adequate.

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Here at Amanda Lina’s we’re always looking for the very best wedding gowns to bring in our store. This time, we’ll be bringing four of the world’s most famous designers in one show: Victor Harper, Simone Carvalli, Cristiano Lucci and Yumi Katsura. Why would you want to attend this show and what else is there to know about it? Read on and find out more.

• The show takes place from July 17th to July 26th – and this is the first time the aforementioned designers will be brought together in one show in Canada. This is a must-see event for every bride-to-be searching for her very own the one!
• Victor Harper is known for the elegance, sophistication and sensuality of his wedding gowns – so if you are searching for something that will truly embrace your feminine body, his dresses will be perfect for you.
• Simone Carvalli is also a very well-known wedding gown designer who is famous for her unique, intricate designs meant to make brides feel like drop-dead gorgeous, modern royalties.
• Cristiano Lucci’s wedding dresses are both modern and timeless, both extremely elegant and daring at the same time too. If you want to be really original on your Big Day, take a look at his creations.
• Last, but definitely not least, Yumi Katsura is a wedding designer with decades of experience in this business. As one of the most renowned Japanese wedding gown designers, she creates dresses that truly speak about a bride’s personality. Come see her gowns and you will surely be mesmerized by their fabulousness!

If you want to find out more about this show or if you simply want to visit us and choose a wedding dress for your Big Day, do not hesitate to contact Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique. We’ll make sure you find the most beautiful dress to suit your body, your style and your personality!

Here at Amanda Lina’s, we’re in love with two things: gorgeous wedding gowns and seeing brides-to-be find their very own “The One” right here, in our store. For this reason, we always bring in the best and most fabulous designer creations and we always organize trunk shows that allow our brides to see the entire collection before it even gets in store.

Eve of Milday is a trunk show you simply cannot miss out on – especially since this is the first time the designer will show her 2015 fall/winter collection. What are some of the things you should definitely know about this designer and about the trunk show we organize? Read on and find out more.
• Eve Muscio is the creator behind the Eve of Milday brand. As one of the world’s most famous wedding gown designers, she creates dresses that have a truly unique signature look meant to suit every style and every type of body. Moreover, her intricate embroideries and laces give her wedding gowns the kind of uniqueness that’s truly memorable.
• The Even of Milday Trunk Show will take place at Amanda Lina’s between the 6th of July and until the 16th of the same month. Don’t hesitate to come and visit us because you will definitely not regret having done it!
• If you come, make sure you are prepared to buy the dress you love. We have already made our selections, but they may not include the gown that stole your heart at the trunk show – so you should be ready to order it right on the spot if you fall in love with it.
Contact Amanda Lina’s and find out more about our trunk show and how to attend it! We guarantee you will absolutely love every single wedding gown here!