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Everything about wedding planning can turn into a huge hassle and it can generate a lot of stress. However, nothing seems as stressful as shopping for the perfect wedding dress – and even more so when you want it to be flawless from all points of view.

How to manage the stress of the wedding dress shopping? Here are some tips you should definitely keep in mind.
• Start early. This will give you enough time to search for the right boutiques, to try on as many designs as you want to and, eventually, to have your favorite dress fit for your body too. Avoid leaving the wedding dress shopping for the last moment because you might feel that there’s too much pressure then (especially since there will be many other wedding-related things you will have to handle).
• Don’t be unprepared. Before you even visit the first bridal boutique, make sure you have at least a vague idea of what kind of dress you want to wear. However, remind yourself to be open to the suggestions the consultant there will offer too. After all, these people have been doing this for a long time now and they do have great ideas.
• Don’t stress out over trifles. Really, this is your Big Day and you should be wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful. Forget about arguing with your mother or with your in-laws over what color the dress should have, forget about feeling obliged to invite certain people to shop with you and forget about anything that bothers you when it comes to the wedding dress shopping. Seize the moment and enjoy this experience because it’s truly the once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing!

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Although weddings are generally considered to be quite “traditional” and “formal”, the truth is that it’s up to each bride whether or not she actually chooses to follow all the wedding-related customs. For example, wedding dresses do not have to be white – they can be colored as well. If you are considering this option, here are some of the reasons that will definitely make you settle for it:

• This is YOUR wedding, not anybody else’s. You have the right to feel absolutely gorgeous in whatever dress you want, no matter what color that may be.
• The tradition of the white wedding dress is only 200 years old and although it has “caught on” very fast, it is not something that used to be “mandatory” until not very long ago.
• If you are a feminist, you might find the idea of a white wedding dress to be quite offensive. In the end, the “white” on the wedding dress was meant to symbolize the bride’s purity and virginity – so if this goes against what you believe in, nobody should force it on to you. Sure, if you want a white dress, that’s perfectly fine. But if you don’t want it you should go for whatever color you like the most.
• These days, designers have come up with a huge range of stunning dresses that cover a broad spectrum of colors. From cream and champagne-tinted dresses to blush pink and even black-and-white, there’s something for everyone out there – so you will definitely be able to find something you will feel amazing in.
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The particular season you are planning your wedding in will influence every single part of your Big Day – from the décor to the clothes that will be worn. How to choose the right wedding gown according to the season in which you are getting married? Here are some tips to help you decide easier:

• Winter. If you are a Winter bride, you should choose a dress made from a fabric that’s a bit thicker than the average wedding gown. Moreover, you should also make sure that it is luxurious and “over-the-top” as well because these dresses tend to look the best with Winter weddings. From large ball gowns to silver touches, everything is allowed – and even more so when they make people think of the “Ice Queen”.
• Spring. If you plan on having your wedding in Spring, you should choose a dress that comes in a thin fabric such as tulle or lace, for example. Furthermore, flowery details will make you feel like a true Princess of this season.
• Summer. If you want to be a Summer bride, make sure you choose a dress that allows your body to breathe despite the high temperatures. Low-back, soft and natural fabrics and simple designs tend to work the best with this season’s weddings. Also, keep in mind the fact that you can always choose a shorter dress too.
• Fall. Exuberant and rich, fall is a great time to get married in. For a Fall wedding, choose a dress that is just as opulent as the season. Golden accents work fabulously and warm hues will look really beautiful in the bridal bouquet.
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Many times, brides get stuck in tradition, etiquette rules and other people’s opinions and don’t get what they want for their Big Day. If you are the daring type of bride who will not take “no” for an answer, make sure to prove it with your wedding dress too. Here are some wonderful ideas to inspire the non-conformist bride in you:

• Don’t be afraid to go “sheer”. If you want to feel sexy and drop-down-gorgeous, choose a dress that incorporates sheer elements into it. Even more than that, if you really want to make a statement with your wedding gown, do not be afraid to choose an off-the-shoulder dress with a sheer corset because it will look splendid.
• Don’t be afraid to add color. Sure, tradition says wedding dresses “have to be” white. But, in reality, there’s absolutely nobody out there to make you wear a white dress if you want it to be colorful. You can either pick a dress with colored accents or prints on it or you can go colorful “all the way” too – and this should be your choice to make.
• Don’t be afraid to cut the length. If you have great legs and want to flaunt them on the Big Day, you are more than free to do this. There are plenty of wedding dress designs that come with short or knee-length skirts – and they look really beautiful and unique too.

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