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If you are getting married next year, you’re in luck because the 2016 wedding trends are out – and there’s no way in the world not to love them! Fabulous, glamorous and extremely feminine, these new trends celebrate womanhood, grace and beauty. Here are some of Amanda Lina’s favorite picks, right off the 2016 runaway:

• Off the shoulder dresses. These are making a huge comeback this year – and we couldn’t be happier about it, really. An off the shoulder wedding gown is a wonderful way to flaunt beautiful shoulders and some gorgeous pieces of jewelry – and it will definitely make you feel like a modern princess.
• Feathers. That’s right, the 2016 runaways have pleasantly surprised us with some feather-y designs that are absolutely gorgeous. Full of glamour and elegance, these dresses are perfect for the bride who truly wants to make a fashion statement out of her Big Day’s look. Plus, they work perfectly with a variety of wedding themes (including, but not limited to glamorous 40s and masquerade as well).
• Deep, deep necklines. These wedding gowns are shocking – and in a magnificent way! If you are a bit more daring and if you want a sexy, elegant and feminine wedding dress, a plunging neckline is what you are looking for this year. Gorgeous from all points of view!
• Colorful dresses. 2015 has been quite generous when it comes to colored wedding dresses – and, as the trends show it, the next year will be even more generous in this section. Pale blue dresses make for the perfect “Something Blue” and pastel flower-printed wedding gowns are more than perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding.
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As the bride and groom, you will surely want to look at your best on your big day. However, your parents will want to shine as well. Here are some useful tips to help them dress amazingly for the most important day in their children’s life:

• The mothers should choose dresses in colors that complement the wedding theme and color scheme. However, they should make sure that they don’t choose something that is very similar to the bridal party. Even more, they do not have to (and, most of the times, shouldn’t) coordinate their colors with each other either. The safest thing to do is to choose a patterned dress that complements the wedding palette.
• In terms of cut and style, knee-length dresses are very popular these days. Furthermore, the mothers do not have to choose long dresses and if they feel more comfortable with a cocktail dress, they can definitely go for it (as long as the wedding’s level of formality allows it, of course). Also, keep in mind that scooped necklines and V-necks look really great.
• The fathers are usually advised to coordinate their suits or tuxedoes with the groom’s party. However, they can personalize their attire a bit when it comes to neckties/bowties, pocket squares and vests. For instance, they can wear a darker shade for their vests while the groomsmen wear a lighter shade of the same color.

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For most brides-to-be, finding the perfect wedding gown is, of course one of the top priorities. However, before you jump right into the “hunting” part, make sure you start things on the right foot. Here are some tips to help you with this:

• Think of your venue. When searching for the perfect wedding dress, always remind yourself that the way the venue looks should be reflected on your dress too. In other words, if your venue is very elegant (e.g. a ballroom), your dress should be very elegant too. On the other hand, if you have chosen a more informal venue (such as a rustic one, for example), your dress should reflect that.
• Think of the season. Naturally, you will want to feel comfortable in your dress – and picking it according to the season outside is really important. For instance, if you want to have a summer outdoor wedding, a dress made out of chiffon (or any other “airy” fabric) will be a great choice. Also, if you want a fall/winter indoor wedding, a dress made out of silk or satin will make you feel really amazing.
• Think of the budget. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to take your budget into consideration. If you are like the vast majority of the brides in the world, breaking the bank for your wedding is not an option. So you will really have to make sure that you keep your finances in mind when choosing everything related to your wedding – including (but not limited to) your wedding dress.

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