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Everybody knows just how expensive a wedding can be. Wouldn’t you love the chance to buy a designer wedding gown at more than half its price and save the rest of the money for your honeymoon? We know you would! This is why we have planned a fantastic sale! Here are the most important things you should know about our Bridal Blowout Sale:

• It takes place between January 2nd and January 4th. On Friday, you will find us here from 10 am to 9 pm, on Saturday we will be open from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sunday we will be here from 11 am to 5 pm, so make sure to hurry up and grab your favorite gown.
• We will have a wide range of dresses on sale (and some of them go as far as 80% off!). Some of the designers include Maggie Sottero, Casablanca Bridal, Essence of Australia and Ronald Joyce – but many other famous creators’ dresses will be present as well.
• Aside from wedding gowns, you will also find evening dresses, gowns for your mothers and prom dresses as well.
• The gowns will come in a wide range of sizes as well. We hold sizes ranging from 6 to 30; however, remember that the vast majority of the gowns on sale will come on sizes from 8 to 12.
• Come wearing a pair of comfortable shoes and a bodysuit. Also, think of what your ideal dress will look like by visiting our website and the website of the designers we will present at the sale. At the same time though, be prepared to be flexible when it comes to “the ideal” gown as well – who knows, maybe “the one” is completely different than anything you might have previously imagined!
Visit Amanda Lina’s Bridal Boutique this weekend and get your own splendid wedding gown on sale! No appointment is needed, simply come by and choose your favorite dress!

Winter weddings are incredibly romantic and magic. Surrounded by the cold weather and by the stunning landscape of the winter, your wedding stands a very good chance of being a complete success. Even so, you should definitely pay attention to the details that make for a winter themed wedding – and this includes your bridesmaids’ dresses too. How to choose their dresses for a winter wedding? Here are some tips:

• If you plan on having a winter wonderland themed wedding, avoid dressing your bridesmaids in white. However, you can definitely dress them in very light blue (icy blue) or in silver – and they will complement the theme perfectly!
• Another very popular choice for the winter is dressing the bridesmaids in blueberry blue. This darker shade of blue is really beautiful and it looks amazing in the winter décor – especially if you have chosen it as your wedding color too.
• If you plan on having a New Year’s Eve wedding, allow your brides to shine. Choose glittery dresses for them (or at least dresses that have sparkly accents on them) and your best friends will surely appreciate it.
• Red and deep green are also very popular choices for the winter wedding season. You can combine red and green bridesmaids’ dresses (for instance, your Maid of Honor could wear red while the other bridesmaids could wear green). Having all-red and all-green bridesmaids’ dresses is also a great idea. Also, you could settle on one of these two colors and allow your brides to choose their favorite shades too.
Here at Amanda Lina’s Bridal, you will find a very wide range of bridesmaids’ dresses to complement the natural beauty of your “favorite ladies”. Come visit us and pick your favorite dresses – your friends will definitely love your choice!
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As a bride, you will want to feel gorgeous – but you will also want your bridesmaids to feel equally beautiful as well. Choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses is a big step in planning for the perfect wedding, so make sure not to leave it for the last moment!

Come visit Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique and take a look at the marvelous bridesmaids dresses we have in store. For instance, the Bari Jay Bridesmaids collection is consisted of fabulous designs that will look amazing on your bridesmaids. What are the main characteristics of these gowns? Read on and find out more.
• Every gown in this collection is elegant in its own way – even those that are knee-length. The fabrics used, as well as their designs, make these gowns suitable for a wide range of elegant occasions – and they will be more than just perfect for your bridesmaids!
• The colors range from pastel pink to deep purples and even black – so no matter what your wedding colors are, you will be able to find dresses in this collection to go well with the rest of the wedding.
• Even more than that, these gowns can be mixed and matched among themselves. Therefore, if you don’t want your bridesmaids to be all dressed the same, you can still choose all of their dresses from this collection.
• Last, but definitely not least, these bridesmaids’ dresses are created to suit every body type out there. This way, bridesmaids don’t have to worry about the fact that you might choose a design that doesn’t suit their bodies.
Come visit Amanda Lina’s and take a look at the fabulous Bari Jay Bridesmaids collection and at the other magnificent bridesmaids collection we have in store for you. It’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one of these dresses!

All ladies love shopping – but when it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding gown, everything will be different. While you will definitely enjoy “hunting” for the one, you will most likely feel the need to do it with people who really support you and who you are as well. This is why choosing your wedding dress shopping entourage can be quite important and why you should give it a thought.

How do you select who you should bring along whens searching for the most beautiful wedding gown? Here are some tips:
• There’s no rule to say you should or shouldn’t bring someone with you. If you want to, you can include in your wedding shop entourage whomever you want – even your spouse-to-be, if you are not afraid of superstitions!
• Generally speaking, mothers (and sometimes mother-in-laws) will be invited to shop with the bride for the perfect gown, shoes and accessories. However, keep in mind that if you don’t want this, you don’t have to do it.
• Include your maid of honor and maybe some of your bridesmaids too. They most likely know what your usual style is and they understand how you would like to look for the Big Day so they might provide you with some really good advice along the way.
• As mentioned before, you need to bring along people who will give you valuable advice and who genuinely want to be there for you. Don’t bring someone with you just because you “are supposed” to do it – bring them because you want them to be there for you for this big choice in your life!
When shopping for the one, that dress that will make you feel like a princess taken out of fairy tales, make sure to stop by Amanda Lina’s too. We can provide you with of the most stunning designer wedding gowns in the world and there’s a really big chance you will find the perfect one with us!

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful girl in the room, but all brides will want their attendants to look gorgeous as well. This is more than natural, actually – after all, these ladies have been there for you through good and through worse while you were planning the Big Day and they do deserve to look like the beautiful women they are.

Bill Levkoff’s bridesmaids collection may provide you precisely with what you need for your bridesmaids to feel amazing. We love this collection A LOT and there are many, many reasons we believe you will love it too. Here are some of the most important features of the gowns in this wonderful collection:
• They are all extremely elegant, regardless of their length. This collection comes with short, long and knee-length bridesmaids’ dresses and they are all equally fabulous! Regardless of the type of wedding you want to have and regardless of how you want your attendants to be dressed, there will be something you will like in this collection.
• Every gown is simple and yet really beautiful at the same time. The designs featured by the dresses in Bill Levkoff’s collection are simple and classy, but they all possess that “special something” that makes them truly unique.
• They come in a large variety of colors. It doesn’t matter if you will want all your bridesmaids to be dressed the same or if you will simply want their dresses to have something in common (the color, the length, the chromatic area and so on). The dresses in this collection can be successfully combined with one another and they are meant to fit every body type there is!
Come visit Amanda Lina’s and pick the most beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids! Both Bill Levkoff’s collection and the other bridesmaids collections we hold in store are really beautiful and there’s a high chance you will find what you are looking for here, at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique.

You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her – but you also know that popping the question should be a really beautiful moment she will never forget. If you are lost for ideas and if you want to inspire yourself to make your proposal as memorable and as surprising as the ones in the movies, make sure to read on. We have gathered some really great ideas!

• Is her birthday coming soon? There’s no better present than asking her to marry you! Instead of simply doing it, surprise her with a special birthday cake. Ask the confectioner to write Will You Marry Me instead of the traditional Happy Birthday and your special someone will definitely love it.
• Fridge magnets. Sometimes, being romantic is not all about spending a lot of money. Surprise your love with a special kind of proposal: one that is made out of fridge magnets. If you know she wouldn’t like anything too grand for this moment, this kind of proposal will definitely bring tears of joy to her eyes.
• Aquarium show. Attend an aquarium show with your special someone and ask the divers to put up a proposal show for you. Will You Marry Me is the kind of thing she will definitely not expect to see at an aquarium!
• Street sign. Take your love somewhere special and have a BIG Will You Marry Me sign hung somewhere really visible. When you approach the sign, ask her to read what it says on it. Before she even realizes what is going on, you will be on your knee popping the big question! Keep in mind that you might have to talk to the authorities about how this can be done, but that it will definitely be worth it!
Amanda Lina’s loves this kind of moments and we would be more than happy to be part of your wedding planning too. Take your bride-to-be to see our stunning wedding gown collections and she will more than likely love at least one of these fabulous designs!

We may be in full winter at the moment, but the truth is that these 3 months will fade off just as quickly as they came. And if you are planning on a wedding this spring or summer, you know that, well, there is never enough time to handle all the details a wedding is comprised of.

Here at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we understand that you will want to be at least one step ahead of the industry – and this is why we have organized the Casablanca Spring/Summer 2015 trunk show. Here are some of the most important things to know about the collection, about their creator and about the trunk show itself:
• Established in 1997, Casablanca Bridal has been around for almost two decades now. Over the course of the years, they have gained many brides’ trust with their fabulous designs and with their amazing attention to detail.
• These gowns are not mass-manufactured and each of the dresses receives the attention it deserves. Completely unique, every bride’s gown is created to fit her style and her measurements perfectly.
• This manufacturer has been awarded with multiple prizes (including the 2008 Debi Award for Bridal Gowns). This is a clear sign that their gowns are truly beautiful and qualitative from every single point of view.
• The designs are absolutely stunning: the gowns flow beautifully, their beadworks and embellishments are breathtaking and their fabrics feel wonderfully luxurious on the skin.
• The Casablanca spring/summer 2015 trunk show takes place between December 5th and December 15th at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique. Make sure that you are prepared to buy a dress if you like it because it might not be available later on when we bring them into the store!
To reserve a spot for this trunk show at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, contact us via our online form, via phone at (905) 265 8707 or via email at

Everyone knows just how important picking the perfect wedding gown can be. However, when faced with a myriad of options, it is very easy for a bride-to-be to get “lost” in them. Here at Amanda Lina’s, we understand brides better than anyone – and this is why we always select the best wedding gown designers and collections to bring into our store.

Come visit the Stella York trunk show and take a look at the wonderful gowns in this collection. Here are some of the things you should know about the show:
• The Stella York collection is created with the highest amount of attention to details and it’s almost impossible not to love these gowns. Magnificent, elegant and really intricate when it comes to the beadworks, these gowns are meant to make a woman feel like true royalty.
• These gowns come in a multitude of designs that can fit any kind of body shape. Created to fit perfectly and manufactured with high quality fabrics, these gowns will embrace your body beautifully.
• The trunk show takes place from December 4th to December 14th, so make sure to come check out the gowns before that date. Also, keep in mind that you should be prepared to decide on a dress that very same day because it may not be available later on (we have already chosen the designs we would like to bring into the store for the next season).
If you want to visit the Stella York trunk show and take a look at these stunning wedding gowns, remember to make an appointment with us. Call Amanda Lina’s at (905) 265 8707, contact us via our web form or leave us an email at and we will make sure to reserve you a spot (or more) for the show.

Every bride wants to be elegant, beautiful and graceful – and her wedding gown plays a very important role in this. Choosing a gown for your Big Day is never actually easy though – and every lady who has already been through this can confirm it.

Here at Amanda Lina’s, we always bring in new collections to make sure our brides have plenty of options to choose from. Our new Allure Bridal Collection is absolutely marvelous and there are so many reasons to love these gowns! Here are some of the most important things to know about them:
• These gowns are quite traditional, but they are not boring in any way. Each of them has something very special about it and each of them has the ability to make you feel absolutely gorgeous.
• There’s a haunting elegance about each of these designs. Most of them come in very feminine fit and flare silhouettes meant to celebrate the beautiful curves of a lady. This also adds to the “magnificent aura” they create around the woman wearing them.
• The intricate embellishments are mesmerizing. Lace is a very important part of this collection and, as you will see, it is perfectly incorporated in these designs.
• While the collection definitely has a sense of “completeness” to it and all the designs are somewhat connected to each other, they all manage to cover for a wide range of styles. Therefore, regardless of what you plan on wearing for your Big Day, it is quite likely that you will love at least one of the Allure dresses.
Here at Amanda Lina’s, we truly want to see our brides happy with their choices. Come check out our impressive range of stunning dresses and you will definitely find something for your own Big Wedding Day!