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Graduating from high school is the first step you make towards your real life. Leaving the school behind and, in one way or another, leaving the childhood behind for good as well is a huge moment in one’s life. Therefore, you will want to celebrate it as it deserves!

Your prom is definitely important for you and you deserve to feel like you are the most beautiful girl at the ball. For this reason, Amanda Lina’s has brought in a superb collection of prom dresses you will definitely find beautiful – the Mac Duggal collection. Why would you settle on one of these dresses? Here are some of the reasons that make us love them:
• These dresses are beauty by definition: they feature luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments worthy of a true princess! You will feel as if you have just stepped out of a fairy tale dressed in one of these gowns!
• There is something refreshing and youthful about these dresses too. Their lines are hugging the body in a gorgeous way and they are right on the edge between very feminine and very traditional as well.
• Mac Duggal is obviously proud of his Indian roots and you will see that as soon as you set your eyes on his collection. The vibrant colors remind you of the beautiful saris of this designer’s homeland and the magnificent embellishments will make you think of an exotic Indian bride without being too much for a prom too!
• There is a color and a design for every single one of you. From tight dresses to ball gowns and from deep red to mint green, there is something for just about anyone out there, so you will most likely fall in love with one of these gowns!
Come and pay Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique a visit! We will make sure you leave our store happier than you entered!
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Here at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we want to make sure you settle only for the very best wedding gown out there. And this is precisely why we always bring in collections that leave our brides-to-be in awe. We understand it very well that you will want to take a look around and to be 100% certain that you are choosing “the one” and this is one of the reasons that push us to constantly bring in new collections.

This time, we are more than proud to present you the Casablanca Collection. We guarantee you will love it! Why? Here are some of the things that make the dresses in this particular collection so special:
• Casablanca Bridal has quite some history with creating wedding gowns. Created in 1997, this wedding gown manufacturer has been delivering happiness to brides from all over the world ever since then!
• Their privately owned factory allows them to make sure that every single step of the creation of a gown is taken under their close supervision.
• Everything from the hand beaded designs to the alterations each bride will need is handled by them so that they can be absolutely certain that they deliver the best.
• Casablanca Bridal has a long list of awards showing just how greatly appreciated their gowns are: the Debi Award for Bridal Gowns (in 2008), the Desert Rose Award for the “Best Selling Wedding Gown” (also in 2008), the Dallas Fashion Award for Bridal Design (in 2004) and the list goes on and on…
• Casablanca Bridal believes in making every single bride feel special – and once you get to see the gowns they offer, you will definitely be convinced of this fact!
Come and visit us at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique and we’ll show you the amazing wedding dresses in this collection! Same as their manufacturer, we encourage you to come and see them in person because only this way will you be able to realize just how gorgeous they are!
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While you will definitely be the shiniest star on the “skies” of your wedding day, there are other people that are important for the wedding too. Like all the brides out there, you will want your attendants to look amazing too – and this is why we have come up with a collection especially dedicated to the most important ladies in your life (and at your wedding day too).
What does the Impression Bridesmaids collection have to offer? Here are some of the things that may make you settle for some of the gorgeous dresses in this collection:

• There are many dresses included in the collection, so it is more than likely that some of them will catch your attention and that you may even settle for them for your beautiful bridesmaids.
• These are the kind of dresses that will make for photos worthy of a magazine!
• The collection includes dresses meant to look amazing on any body shape. This way, regardless of the type of beauty your bridesmaids are, they will look stunning at your wedding.
• There are more than 60 color shades available in the collection. If you want your bridesmaids’ dresses to go well with your wedding’s color palette and theme, you will definitely find what you are searching for!
• Come and check it out – you don’t even need an appointment to do it! This collection is available in store as of right now, so come and see our superb bridesmaids dresses before they are all sold out!
At Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we believe beauty comes in all shapes and colors – and for this reason we have brought together the most feminine, unique and elegant dresses! You will find everything you need in our store: from wedding gowns to bridesmaids’ dresses and from prom dresses to evening dresses as well.
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Choosing the perfect wedding dress is not a game – it is a very serious decision every bride has to make sooner or later. Like all the other brides-to-be out there, you are probably quite worried that you will not be able to find “the one”.
The secret to making sure you do find that dress that makes you feel like a true VIP is seeing as many of them as possible. Among the hundreds of designs you will check out, one will definitely stand out and you will fall in love with it instantly.
At Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we want to make sure you really settle for the very best dress possible. This is why we have organized a great event for the brides-to-be: the Victor Harper Trunk Show! Here are some things you should know if you want to visit our event:

• It starts on September 26th and it will be around only until October 10th, so make sure that you do come and check it out as soon as possible.
• The dresses in this collection are splendid: they combine elegance, femininity, grace and sensuality at the same time. The beading and embroidery on each dress has been carefully designed and crafted so that the dress looks miraculously beautiful!
• If you want to attend the event, make sure to make an online appointment, to call us at (905) 265 8707 or to send us an email at
• If you see a dress you love, make sure to get it right away because it may not be available in the store after that!
Amanda Lina’s wants you to be happy on the most important day of your life. Aside from the amazing shows we have put up for you, we have also gathered an impressive collection of stunning dresses as well. Come visit us and pick the one!
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Dressing up nicely always feels good – but even more so when there’s a special event you want to attend and you really, really want to look stunning. Choosing a dress can be more difficult than it may seem so at first, but keeping in mind certain tips should make the job much easier.

• Think of where the event takes place and you will be able to determine just how long the dress should be. Even in the “long length” group of gowns, you will still be able to find multiple types of length and choosing one that will go with the location should be important to you. For example, if you are attending a rustic wedding, a floor-sweeping dress may not be very suitable because it could get dirty very quickly.
• Think of your body shape too. There’s a dress for everyone, but you have to know what looks good on you. For instance, if you have a bigger upper part, you may want to skip strapless dresses (and if you do settle for one, go for the heart-shaped strapless décolletage, not for the straight one).
• Think of what colors suit your complexion, eyes and hair the best. Generally speaking, there are three types of complexions: cold, warm and mixed. You will be able to tell which one you are by trying on gold and silver jewelry – the first will look best on warm complexions and the latter will look good on cold complexions. Mixed complexions are lucky enough to look great with almost any color.
• Accessorize properly. If you are shorter and you have to wear a long gown, make sure to get shoes that lift you up without being uncomfortable. Also, make sure not to overdo it when it comes to jewelry (especially if your dress is already embellished).
For stunning long evening gowns, make sure to visit Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique. We have a great collection of superb dresses are waiting for you – come and take a look at them!
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Choosing a wedding dress is both a joyous and a stressful moment for every bride-to-be out there. Few of us are lucky enough to simply stumble upon “the one” – the rest of us will simply have to search around for the perfect dress: that which looks gorgeous on us and makes us feel like real royalties.

The upcoming trunk shows at Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique offer a wide range of dresses on just about any style you can imagine. Check them out and your very own “the one” may be there:
• The Victor Harper Trunk Show starts on September 26 and it will be around until October 10. Come and find elegant and feminine dresses that flaunt your body shape and make you look stunning. A unique combination of silk, satin, Mikado and organza are waiting for you at the show and each dress will be embellished with splendid hand-drawn embroidery, pearls and Austrian crystals. Breath-taking designs to steal your heart away!
• The Simone Cavalli Trunk Show starts on October 18th and it will come with amazing surprises for every bride looking for her special gown. Luxury and romanticism blend perfectly in a collection that is feminine, beautiful and heart-melting at the same time. Come and take a look at the good variety of dresses that will be presented at the show and you may just fall in love with one of them!
You will need to make an appointment for both of the events, so make sure to contact Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique, to email us at or to call us at (905) 265 8707. We will be there to book you or to answer any question you may have related to the trunk shows or related to the other dresses we have in store for you.
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Watching for celebrity styles has always been one of the main interest many ladies out there have. Whether it was the Queen of England of the latest pop singer, we have always been fascinated with the way in which celebs dress their bodies.

Large events such as the Emmys that just took place are a huge delight for us all because we have the chance to see all the famous people dressed up for their own big night. This year, the red carpet has been more than generous from this point of view and it has even shown us some gorgeous dresses that may inspire you for your own wedding too. Here are our favorites:
• Lucy Liu came in a very long and airy dress that can work just perfectly as a wedding gown. Simple and inspired by Ancient Roman fashion, this is the kind of dress that will look amazing for a spring wedding or for a beach wedding as well.
• Halle Berry was gorgeous as always in her long lilac-purple gown too. This could work fantastic either as a wedding gown or as a bridesmaid’s dress too. Halle really makes this pastel color pop and shine, but the dress will work well on fair and dark complexions at the same time.
• Naturally, Heidi Klum impressed us as well. She came in a caviar-pink dress with short sleeves that looks stunningly elegant and feminine at the same time. We love everything about this dress: the color, the length, the sleeves and the way in which even just a pair of earrings can make it really stand out from the crowd.
If you are still searching for your own wedding gown or for your bridesmaids’ dresses, come visit us at Amanda Lina’s Bridal Boutique. We offer a wide variety of dresses created to impress and awe, so you will definitely fall in love with one of our beauties!
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We all love peeking at celebrity styles, but when it comes to weddings, we truly, truly want to know everything. Kim Kardashian’s wedding was the kind we will not forget very soon, but considering Lauren Conrad’s big day is approaching, we can at least keep ourselves busy speculating on what the lady may want her wedding to be like.

Fortunately, some news about Conrad’s wedding has leaked. No, we don’t know what her wedding gown will look like, but we do know how her bridesmaids’ will be. And truth be told, we absolutely love them!
Why? Well, there are a lot of things we love about the way in which Lauren Conrad chose to do things for her wedding. Here are just some of the main ideas:
• She chose to design an entire bridesmaids’ dresses collection and she allowed her best friends to pick one dress from the collection.
• She is not necessarily keen on having all her bridesmaids dressed in the same color and in the same style. In fact, as she mentioned it, she wants each and every one of her bridesmaids to have her own style and they will choose from many designs and from several hues as well.
• Did we mention the favors Lauren offered her bridesmaids? When she invited them to be part of her wedding, she also offered them rose gold necklaces inspired by her wedding ring – and they look just gorgeous!
• The dresses Lauren has in mind for her best ladies are all simple, elegant and stylish at the same time. They have different necklines and designs and they all look very feminine and cute at the same time.
Yes, we do love Lauren’s bridesmaids’ dresses!
If you are searching for dresses for your own bridesmaids, make sure to visit Amanda-Lina’s Bridal Boutique. We have everything you can imagine in store for you – just come and take a look!
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Your soon-to-be-husband’s attire is just as important as yours is. Although most of the people will probably be looking at the bride’s dress, rather than at the groom’s, it is a well-known fact that grooms want to look very good on this big day too.

It may feel a lot easier to choose a tuxedo than it is to choose a dress, but the real truth is that choosing an attire for a groom can be just as difficult as choosing a dress for the bride herself. Your guy has to look classy and definitely not flashy and that is actually more difficult to achieve than it seems. Here are some of the basic ideas you will want to keep in mind when it comes to choosing tuxedoes and their color:
• Generally speaking, a black and white tuxedo is the failsafe way in which you can dress up your man. That does not necessarily mean that the attire will look boring – not at all, actually. There are a lot of designs that look classy and stylish even without the splash of color!
• If you really want to add color, make it through the vest, through the bow tie or through the tie itself (the choice is up to you and your man). Skinny ties look the best on groom’s attires, but anything can work if you really like it. And if you really want to match your groom’s attire with your dress, you can choose a tie or a bow tie that comes in the same color as your bridal bouquet as well.
• Some people choose silver, cream or even white tuxedoes as well – and that is perfectly fine if you know the color will flatter your man!
As for your dress and those of your bridesmaids, make sure to visit Amanda Lina’s Bridal Boutique. We have gorgeous designer dresses in store for those of you who want to feel like true princesses for a day!
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Children are just as full of good vibes as weddings and this is one of the main reasons having a flower girl will always be a great choice when it comes to such events. Cute, probably very nervous and definitely the prettiest girl in the room, the flower girl will have to be just as dressed up as the brides themselves. However, does that necessarily mean that she will have to wear a dress of the same style? Read on and find out the best ideas on how to dress your flower girl!

• No, she doesn’t have to be dressed just as the bridesmaids. The choice is really up to you. Many brides choose to dress their little flower girls in white (and even the same shade of white as they are dressed in). But any other color works just fine as long as the girl looks good in it.
• You can choose to dress your flower girl in a dress similar to that of your bridesmaids if you really want to match them. You can choose her dress to be the same color as that of your bridal party ladies or the same style. Again, the choice is up to you.
• You can even choose a color that is completely different both from your dress and from the dress of the bridesmaids if you think this would look better!
• Make sure to have properly matching socks for your flower girl, especially if the dress is shorter.
• Also, keep in mind that little girls don’t pay a lot of attention to how they sit down. This means that you will have to make sure that the dress is from a fabric that doesn’t get very easily wrinkled.
For a superb collection of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses too, don’t forget to visit Amanda Lina’s Bridal Boutique. We really have some of the most beautiful dresses out there and they are definitely worth a look at least!

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