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Your wedding dress is one of the most important pieces at your wedding. This is the item that will make you feel like an actual princess. Everybody will be eager to see your dress and how you look in it and, truth be told, choosing the perfect one is not easy at all.

Some brides choose to wear their mothers’ wedding dress instead of buying a new one. If you have been considering this as well, but if you are not certain on what you should be doing, make sure to take into consideration the following aspects:
• You will not be spending extra money. A wedding dress is definitely quite expensive (even the least expensive ones still have a price that is very high for one dress) so, if you know that you are running everything on a small budget, you should probably choose your mother’s dress over a new one.
• Do take into consideration the fact that your mother’s dress may be severely out-fashioned. Depending on its design, it may have features that are too typical of the age in which your mother got married, which may not look very well today. If it falls within that “vintage-chic” style, the dress is OK, but make sure that you ask for some opinions on this.
• Some people are superstitious and they don’t want to wear their mothers’ dresses at the wedding. If you believe that this would bring you bad luck in any way, don’t do it. You really need to feel 100% comfortable and happy at your wedding and if your mother’s dress is stopping you from that, it would be better to make an effort and buy yourself a new dress.
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Attending a wedding can be a very joyful event for all the guests. Of course, the Queen and King of the event will be the bride and the groom, but if you are a guest, you will definitely feel excellent as well.
The way in which you dress for a wedding is not just about society or fashion – it is about showing the bride and groom that you’re together with them in the importance of this day. Dressing up will show them that for you too, this day is important.

Good news is that, unlike wedding dresses (which are used once only), cocktail dresses can be used whenever you want, precisely because they come in a lot of styles. Therefore, you will be able to wear the dress you had at your friend’s wedding for another event too. Here are some tips on how to make your cocktail dress shine regardless of where you are wearing it:
• Accessorize accordingly. Even a simple, black dress (the famous “little black dress”) can look stunning with a pair of earrings, with a gorgeous necklace and with a pair of shoes to be suitable.
• Wear good shoes that make your foot feel as well as possible (even if they are high-heeled). The pain of wearing a bad pair of shoes can be read on your face – and that is no compliment for your dress whatsoever!
• Don’t be afraid of sequins, but wear them with grace. Make sure that you know when too much sparkle is enough and that you use accessories that will complement the dress (and not simply make it feel “crowded”).
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Weddings can be awful to plan out, and not because you are not extremely excited about the approaching big day, but because there seem to be tons of details to take into consideration. From the dress you will be wearing to the napkin, everything seems to have a special importance this once and you will want them all to be perfectly chosen.

Wedding shopping can be stressful and confusing, so you may want to do it with some people close to you. Which are those people, though? Whom should you take with you when out to shop for the dress and for the other wedding-related things? Here are some ideas you may want to keep in mind:
• Don’t take someone with you just because you feel obliged to. If you believe that someone is just not on the same page with you when it comes to the style you want to go for, don’t bring them with you.
• Take your best friend(s) with you if you know that they will give you valuable advice. Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to see clearly (as you are so stressed out and excited at the same time), so some other pairs of eyes will do you good. Your maid or matron of honor will most likely be among the people you will want to take with you when shopping for wedding-related items.
• Your husband-to-be may want to be there with you when choosing invitations and other things related to it so don’t rule him out simply because you believe men don’t like this sort of things. Kindly ask him if he wants to join the “hunt” as well. If you are superstitious about the dress though, don’t take him with you when choosing your wedding gown.
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Wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes and, more recently, even in all the colors of the rainbow. They are beautiful when looked at even when they are not worn by a happy and excited bride, but when they fulfill their purpose they become truly magical.

Like most of the brides, you will want your dress to be simply perfect and you will want to look stunning in it. Of course, the dress alone can work like magic, but adding some little things to make it pop will make you look absolutely breath-taking. Here are some great tips on how to make your wedding dress be the most beautiful one in the history of weddings:
• Lace is one of the most feminine, delicate and beautiful fabrics you can use on a wedding dress and it can definitely make the difference from “banal” to “gorgeous”. Use lace wherever you want on the dress because it will look amazing regardless of where it is used. It’s really difficult to overdo it with lace!
• Add some sparkle! Get a dress with some sequins or shiny stones here and there and you’re guaranteed to shine. Also, sparkly jewelry works very well with wedding dresses, but so does simpler and classier jewelry (think of pearls and you will understand just how great simplicity can look too).
• Color, color, color! Gone are the days when brides had to have their wedding dresses sparkly white. These days, almost anything is acceptable. If you want to remain as traditional as possible, simply get a dress that has just a bit of color (a bow, for example). But if you have always dreamed of a deep red dress, then don’t be afraid to go for it because it can be mind-blowingly beautiful too!
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For every bride in the world, her wedding dress is beyond important. After all, this is not just any other outfit – this is the outfit you will be wearing on one of the most important days of your life! And yet, making the right choice becomes increasingly difficult with so many designs, shapes and types of dresses out there. Which one is the right one though? Which one is “the one”? Follow these tips and you are very likely to find that one dress that will make you feel like a true princess.
• The Perfect Dress is that Which Fits YOU! There you go: there is no “right” or “wrong” when choosing a wedding dress and it should completely reflect YOU (your body, your personality, your style). Fashion may have a say in how trends are flowing out there in the clothing industry, but the truth is that no runaway designer will ever be able to tell you that there is one type of dress to “rule them all”. The perfect dress should fit who YOU are – not who some runaway model is, not who your sister is and not who your mother-in-law is.
• Your body type will be extremely important in choosing a dress that makes you look stunning in it.
• Your style should have a say. If you don’t like ruffles, don’t go for them just because they are “in” this season
• Your budget may also be important, especially if you are running short on your finances. However, don’t allow it to dictate 100% what your choice will be.
• Don’t Rush. Take your time when selecting the right dress. Try on as many as you want to and make sure you choose the right one well ahead of time so that you don’t feel pressured by this. Also, don’t bring too many people with you when making this choice because they may make you lose your focus. Keep yourself calm, breathe in and try another one on if you feel that the one you have just put on is not “the one”. Soon enough, that perfect, dream-like dress will come your way.
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What’s a bride without her dress? Long, short, silky or not, wedding dresses are essential parts of the wedding proper for any lady out there. It does not really matter whether you want a sparkling white dress or a non-traditional cream-and-red one – your perfect dress is important to you as a bride.

“Say Yes to the Dress” is a TV show that follows brides as they choose their own perfect wedding dresses. Until recently, the show was available only in the United States – but the very good news is that the franchise has been imported across the Northern border as well and that, starting with 2014, we will be having the chance to watch our very own Canadian version of the show (and by the way, auditions are in order, so if you want to be a “Say Yes to the Dress” bride, then do apply).
You may think that such a big show in this niche would be held in some new boutique out there in Toronto but (surprise, surprise!), they will be shooting it right at Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique – the old family-run business so many people love. The shop has won over every other boutique in the Toronto area and it is now opening its gates for filming one of the greatest shows in the bride-to-be niche.
Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique has a history that goes back 35 years in time and its current owner, Sam Pollari has actually stated that this is the “crowning achievement” of a lifelong career in the bride’s gowns industry. How come the show’s producers have chosen Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique and not any other one in the Toronto area, though? Here are some things that convinced them:
• Wide collection of wedding dresses of all types
• Family-run place with interesting people that will add a lot to the show
• A purely Canadian “product” (and this will add to the uniqueness of the show as compared to its American counterpart)
Canadians are promised with lots of drama, meltdowns and stressed-out brides looking for “the one” – the dress that will make them actually feel and look like a true royalty. And if you want to see what kind of dresses they will be searching among, don’t forget to visit the online version of Amanda Lina’s Sposa Boutique or, why not, visit the beautiful boutique in Woodbridge Ontario.
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As friend of the year, you’re always supportive of your best friend and standing by her particularly when she’s about to get married is a top priority for you. So now it’s time to buy the perfect bridesmaid dress for her wedding. She’s told you that any dress style you like is fine. Decisions! Decisions!

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Choosing your own bridesmaid dress is an important process you need to consider. For a huge numbers of ladies it will be an exciting and amazing experience for them to shop at wedding boutiques and wedding dress shops for their gown.

Choosing your bridesmaid dress should always be done with the bride’s gown in mind. This is because the bride has a clear and precise idea when it comes to the color and theme of the wedding. Most brides have already their design, color and style in terms of the dress that their bridesmaid will be wearing. But your friend the bride said to choose your own.

In order to help you choose the best bridesmaid dress here are some of the things you always need to consider:

• Style – You always need to think about the style of the wedding as a whole which includes the bridal gown. Make sure that the dress you are going to choose will always match the style of the wedding. This can be vintage, classic or modern style of dress. That is why, before going to some wedding boutiques, you need to ask the bride more about the wedding style.

• Season – Time and season of the day can greatly influence the style of the bridesmaid dress. Remember that in choosing your dress avoid wearing one made from light and airy materials when the weather is cold. Likewise, avoid choosing a dress made from heavy fabrics during hot weather. You need to choose a bridesmaid dress which is both comfortable and attractive.

• Color – Be careful when choosing the color or shade of the bridesmaid dress. This also needs to match the color and theme of the wedding. Taupe and even blush colors can provide versatile options but this can’t primarily complement the color of your skin. There are dress colors that complement the color of the skin and there are contrasting colors as well. Therefore, you need to be careful with the color of the dress you are going to wear.

Choosing a bridesmaid dress is very fun and exciting. Enjoy it and don’t get easily stressed. All you have to remember is that the dress you are going to wear is not only for your own sake but for your best friend as well.

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