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As if Jessica Simpson didn’t have everything she could possibly want in her life already. She now has the perfect wedding, and the perfect wedding dress. The star just got married, and the watching media generally agreed that the dress was the most perfect it had ever seen.

The famous actress married Eric Johnson in California, and the star-studded reception was a glitzy affair. But most of the talk surrounding the event centered on the amazing dress that Jessica wore.

The dress had many features to commend it, but one of the most striking aspects of the outfit was the fact that it was completely covered in crystals. This touch alone has ensured the item acres of media coverage. It was also a strapless gown, very fashionable for the modern bride.

Jessica was directly involved in the creation of the dress, which was crafted by Caroline Herrera. The exclusive gown has made headlines around the world, and was part of an overall look that saw Jessica wear her hair down, with classic, understated makeup.

The designer also used a more creative and inspired approach for the making of the dress. She has revealed that a painting inspired her inspiration for the design of the dress. This has made the dress even more famous. Jessica Simpson has also been furiously tweeting about the gown, adding to the media frenzy.

Since the wedding, Simpson has been very active on Instagram with pictures from her honeymoon and thoughts on marriage and having children. She has been particularly romantic when writing about her new husband, and it seems that this may well be the perfect match for the movie star, singer and fashion mogul. The star, 34, seems very happy indeed, and it appears that the perfect dress and wedding certainly helped create that happiness.

Can’t seem to find the right dress for your body type? We understand your dilemma, and everyone’s been there where you are right now. However, with the help of these tips, you can find the right wedding dress that can make you look and feel beautiful!
For a pear shaped body, look for a dress with gradual flare in an A formation from your waist to the floor. The dress should highlight your narrow midsection and float away from your hips and thighs. To make your upper body appear slimmer, go for a V neckline or spaghetti strap bodice.
A scooped neckline dress would do wonders for your busty body. It will highlight your face and will display the décolletage without actually revealing a lot of cleavage. If you want a strapless gown for your wedding, choose one with a slightly dipping neckline.
Plus Size
For plus sized bodies, a dress with a gradual A shape with cinches on the waistline will do wonders for you. If you like bodice, then go for it with different textures like lace detailing, or think ruche. A deep V neckline will slender the overall look, and will create a corset type effect.
Apple-shaped bodies can relatively look charming in any wedding dress, but we’ll recommend the Empire dress where the skirt begins just from the bust and flows all the way down to the floor with an A shape. Try to get an Empire dress with no fabric pleating or seam starting from the chest. Also, don’t buy an Empire dress that is a tad lose, otherwise it will make you look like you added a few pounds.
Buying a wedding dress can be a daunting experience if you’re not sure what suit you best. But with the help these tips, you can buy a dress that can make you standout on the day where you should stand out!


Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. Right up there with this, is choosing the bridesmaids dresses. You have to consider not only whether the colors match your theme, but also the cut, style and suitability of the dress for the bridesmaid’s shape and coloring. Another consideration is the season in which your wedding is to be held.

If your wedding is a summer event in a more formal setting, such as in a church, historic building or other such location, or an outdoor setting such as a botanical garden, floor length taffeta or chiffon dresses offer flare, fashion, and elegance to a formal wedding. Additionally, it will help keep the bridesmaids cooler than other fabrics. You can choose from various sleeve lengths, including sleeveless and strapless. They also offer various attractive bodice styles and necklines.

If you have chosen a casual venue, such as a home, public park or beach, it would be unfair and out of sync to dress your bridesmaids in full length formal dress, if everyone else is dressed more casually. A short bridesmaid dress may be more suitable, and more comfortable. These dresses come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, and range from sweet and conservative, to modern, and even sexy.

No matter what style you choose, do not forget about foundation garments, especially if the bridesmaid dresses will be strapless. You may want to include a shopping trip for fitting and purchasing foundation garments before you shop for dresses.

Choosing the right bridesmaids dress to suit your color theme, personal tastes and physical needs of the bridesmaids as well, certainly can be daunting and time consuming. Contact us (, and we can help you find that perfect dress to complement your big day.

There are many great wedding dress silhouettes available, but one that we love is the mermaid style dress. It offers a fun and flirty edge, while still being formal and glamorous.
A mermaid silhouette features a fitted bodice that extends below the natural waistline, often to the knee. The skirt offers a full-bodied style that balances out the long bodice.

It is similar to the trumpet silhouette, which features the same fitted long bodice but with a smoother flare at the knee level. Both styles offer a figure-hugging glamor with excellent ability to move.
The mermaid and trumpet silhouettes do show off a bride’s figure, but don’t think that you need to be very thin to wear one. They are great for a curvier bride who wants to show off her assets!
If you’re looking for an Ontario bridal salon with a great selection of mermaid, trumpet, and other silhouettes, give us a call today! We can help you find the wedding dress of your dreams.