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With New York bridal week behind us, we can take a look at the coming year’s biggest wedding gown trends. For 2015, lace is going to be a huge trend, following on several years of it being a popular choice among the world’s best bridal designers.
Lace overlays

The most popular way of including lace in a wedding dress is to have a traditional lace overlay. This top layer gives a delicate pattern to a wedding gown for a fantastic, feminine touch that is perfectly bridal. Lace embroidered styles like this James Clifford gown show off the texture of the lace while still keeping a sleek silhouette.
Lace sleeves

Another hugely popular lace element is lace sleeves. This really came into fashion after Kate Middleton wore the look at the 2011 royal wedding, and it isn’t showing any signs of going out of style. Gowns like this Sottero and Midgley style use lace sleeves and a dramatic neckline for a covered but slightly sexy look.
Lace colors

Lace is also an excellent way to add a splash of color to your wedding dress. Designers are giving traditional white gowns a little something extra with bold, colorful lace details. While this Enzoani style offers a bright red accent lace, many designers are also using more muted tones over white, or a tonal combination of light and dark colors for a great result.
If you want to find out more about how you can include lace in your dream wedding dress, give us a call today to make an appointment at our Ontario bridal salon.

While spring might have you thinking about bright floral colors, don’t forget the beauty of black and white. A black and white wedding can give a glamorous, elegant look to your big day. Here are a few way to use the black and white theme for your Ontario wedding.

Bridesmaids in LBDs

The “little black dress” is a perfect choice for your bridesmaids. Having them wear a fashionable black dress will also be a welcome choice, as it’s more likely they’ll be able to wear it again. It is also easy to find a style or styles to suit any body types. When paired with your white gown, it will give your bridal party a gorgeous look.

Black and White Bride

You can also bring the black and white combination to your own gown. There are many styles that use black and white for a refined, on-trend wedding. This is also a great option if you are planning a second wedding and don’t want to wear a purely white wedding dress.

Guests and Decor

Black and white can also be used for your decor. The monochrome look can be applied to everything from your invitations to your cake. It’s also a great theme to use if you want your guests to match what they wear to the wedding style. Asking guests to come in black and white is much more acceptable than asking everyone to wear a pirate costume!
For more black and white inspiration, or to shop for your perfect wedding gown, get in touch with us or visit our Ontario bridal salon.

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Summer weddings are gaining in popularity and that means more brides are searching for the perfect summer wedding dress. A summer wedding gown should be comfortable and suited to the season. Here are a few styles to consider for your summer nuptials.

  1. Short styles: One obvious choice for a summer wedding dress is shorter styles. These let you show off your legs while keeping you cooler in warm temperatures. This short style from Mon Cheri is a perfect choice for a summer wedding.
  2. Sleeveless glamor: Perfect for both glamorous vintage and rustic romance themes, a flowing sleeveless dress offers a sleek silhouette and uncomplicated beauty that is perfect for summer. This Maggie Sottero gown is ideal for any type of summer wedding.
  3. Bold colors: Summer is full of vibrant colors throughout nature, and you can reflect this by choosing a bright color for your wedding gown. With a bold pink color, this dress from Alyce’s B’Dazzle range would make an excellent choice for a bride wanting to wear something other than white.
  4. Sheer fabrics: Another way to beat the heat is with sheer fabrics. Delicate chiffon layers can give an unmistakably bridal look without weighing you down. A gown like this one from Destinations by Maggie Sottero is an excellent dress for warm weather.

Whatever style you choose for your summer wedding dress, you’ll need to shop at a great Ontario bridal salon. At Amanda-Lina’s, we can help you find the perfect dress for any season. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

Finding the dream wedding gown is a big part of any Ontario bride’s wedding preparation. For mature brides or those preparing for a second wedding, there may be concerns about what is an appropriate choice. Here are some tips for making sure your choice is just right.

Mature Brides
While the average age of brides continues to rise, it’s true that many dress styles are aimed at younger brides. This isn’t to say that more mature brides can’t wear these styles, though.
The main consideration is whether you feel comfortable in a particular dress. If you feel comfortable and love your gown, it’s going to be the right choice whatever the style.
Of course, many mature brides do want to choose something more conservative. Sleeved styles are a great choice, as are two-piece sets that include a bolero or jacket. Understated styles, such as sheath dresses, are also ideal for an older bride who wants to steer clear of the princess-style ballgown.
Second Weddings
Another reason mature brides worry about their gown is because it’s a second wedding. Whatever your age, if you’re planning your second wedding, the important thing is still choosing the dress that you love.
While tradition would rule out white, many brides still opt for a white gown. If you aren’t comfortable wearing white for a second marriage, consider silver, champagne, or ivory gowns that still convey a bridal feeling with a touch of colour.
One way to ensure that you find the perfect wedding dress for you is to shop at a great bridal salon. At Amanda-Lina’s, our bridal experts can help you choose the dress that is perfect for your Ontario wedding. Give us a call to make an appointment today!