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In the movie, “The Mirror has Two Faces” the bride’s mother wore something different to upstage her daughter. The mother wanted to stand out so that everyone would know that she was an important person. Not all mothers are like that. However, not all of them would want to go unnoticed either. Here are a few tips to find the appropriate but stylish dress for your mother or mother-in-law.

Visit Shops Together

You can go dress shopping with your mother but it will be more interesting to invite your future mother in law too. This way you can spend time bonding. Mothers can share ideas on what they want to wear. You are also a part of the process by keeping their choices in check.

Consider the Theme

The first thing to consider when shopping for the mothers of the bride and groom is the theme of the wedding. Some weddings only use simple color accents while others have a strong theme depending on the venue. It is important to choose a dress that fits the theme but is not too loud. The color of the dress should be shades closer to white or the chosen hue.

Do Not Match the Bridesmaids

It can be tempting to choose a dress that is similar to what the wedding entourage would wear. Try to find a dress that considers the theme but also holds the design that fits the personality of your mother and mother in law. It does not have to look a bit like the bridesmaids’ dresses. Even though mothers understand it is your special day, it does not mean they have to match everyone else.

The Couple Knows Best

In most cases, mother would know best but this time it is different. Style and color aside, the decision lies on the bride and groom. Choose an elegant dress that fits the theme but also stands out and you can never go wrong.

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Wedding dress shopping can be fun when you go with an entourage. This is why most brides bring trusted people to a fitting. Even though you value the opinion of others, you need to choose a wedding dress right for your body type. Here are a few steps you can take to wow your support panel.

Determine Your Body Type

You will need a measuring tape or a full-length mirror. If you are not certain what your body type is, now is the perfect time to determine that. Once you identify whether you have a pear, apple, banana, or hourglass body shape, you can make choosing the right wedding dress easier for you and your entourage.

Research Trendy Gowns

If the people you take with you to the bridal salon are a fashionable bunch, you also need to learn about the latest bridal fashion. People will approve if you choose the latest designs that is also perfect for your body type. Trendy styles can convince even the most demanding critic.

Telling Others What Your Body Shape Is

Declare right off the bat before trying on dresses that you want to find a wedding gown that flatters your body shape. This will help other people get a mental picture of what you want. Sometimes members of the bridal entourage, no matter how many, want to see a certain shape they want to see on you. Most of the time, their choices do not flatter or feel right to you.

Consider Some Opinions But Not All

Bringing along people whose opinions the bride values can be helpful in finding the right wedding dress. However, if you feel strongly about a certain dress even though your entourage does not agree, you have to rein in those emotions. Sometimes, other people have their own wedding ideas and you need to filter through those to find the opinion that you need.

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Celebrity dresses are always used as design pegs for prom dresses. Red carpet looks get the spotlight come awards season and premiere nights. It’s no surprise that planning the “prom look” involves scanning magazines for the latest trends or that coveted celebrity inspiration.

Female prom attendees all come with different preferences in style. It is evident when they strut their stuff and show a side of them that reveals their flair for clothing choices. If you don’t know where to start, here are celebrity pegs that will help you achieve that perfect prom look.

Subtle Romance

For a hint of innocent romance, why not make your prom a dream-like celebration? Fairy tale inspired gowns come in subtle hues of pink, lavender and blue. This choice also helps you embody that princess charm that you’ve been dreaming of. Pretty with minimal accessories is the key. Let your beauty and the gown speak for its unassuming charm.

For reference, check out Elle Fanning and Carrie Underwood’s gowns.

Trendy Glam

Bustier or corset (top) gowns are glamorous when it truly complements your shape. The common features of this look include a fitting top that accentuates the chest area and a long, flowing skirt. Layers give off a goddess-like appeal that is suitable for your regal moment. (See Selena Gomez wearing an Atelier Versace fall 2012 gown) An alternate bottom is a full skirt for a playful appeal, as seen on the ever gorgeous Amanda Seyfried.

This style may not be appropriate for everyone, but the right pick for prom night can do wonders. Just make sure to abide by the school’s specifications so no one rains on your parade.

Dark and Edgy

Who says prom is only for sweet and demure girly dresses? You aren’t limited to pinks and pastels alone! Surely, some women like you want a more edgy look as your personality defines it. Chloe Moretz stands out in a sheer Valentino gown with dandelion prints. What makes it edgy? The colors are a combination of green, gray and purple.

Vintage Royale

Feeling the vibes of Old Hollywood? Vintage prom dresses are always raved about. The classic elegance never really gets old, just timeless and relevant even after many generations. Taylor Swift looks stunning in this sleek vintage-inspired dress. Vintage is also defined by intricate details, as seen in this Marchesa gown worn by Rita Ora.

More than the need to impress, what’s important is finding a style that best suits your personality. As cliche as it sounds, nothing beats making a lasting mark through a natural and effortless flair.

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Buying the right dress is easy. The process of choosing the right dress, however, can prove challenging. When you have a wedding theme, finding the perfect dress can become even more difficult. Luckily, it is easy to choose a dress for the three most common wedding themes.

Winery or Vineyard Wedding

For a vineyard wedding, or any wedding theme that takes place in a lush garden, do not stray too far from long A-line dresses with sweetheart necklines. Since the wedding will take place outdoors, choosing a long train would be less than ideal. If you are going to pick a dress with a lot of detail then keep it on the top part. Try to go for an elegantly simple but fun wedding dress. You should be able to move easily in it.

Rustic or Homespun Wedding

If you have a folksy wedding theme, it is easy to choose the right dress. You just need to keep it simple. Lace wedding dresses are common in homespun wedding themes. With this theme, you can afford to wear sleeves. You can also pick a vintage wedding dress or use the one your mother wore during her wedding. That way you can save on budget and have something borrowed in your wedding outfit.

Old Hollywood Wedding

When you want a wedding along with a dress that shows off the glamour of the fifties, an old Hollywood wedding theme is the answer. The type of neckline you can choose from is countless. You can choose from halter strap, illusion, to jewel types of neckline. The cuts of dress that boasts Hollywood glamour are mermaid, empire, and column. If you want a dress that emphasizes your curves, choose a mermaid or column dress. Choose an empire dress cut if you want to move easily throughout your classic Hollywood wedding.

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Despite how beautiful winter weddings can be, there isn’t a lot of people who choose them. The reason is because these brides prefer having a spring or summer wedding, where they can use vintage or rustic wedding themes. At the same time, they can easily pick out the wedding dress style they would want to wear.

One of the many problems bride-to-bes have with winter weddings is that they think there isn’t enough options for them to wear. They simply think they have to look for a sleeved dress and cover themselves up so they won’t feel cold during their wedding. If you are planning a winter wedding, this may be something you share with most brides. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can still accessorize even if you will be having a winter wedding along with your bridesmaids’ dresses. Here are some tips:

Keep Warm with Layers
For a winter wedding, you need to stay warm and comfortable at all times. You can still opt for a sleeveless or strapless dress to wear on your big day. The important thing is that you accompany it with a shrug, cape, or a wrap. One way you can keep your outfit interesting is to use rich fabrics such as satin, velvet, heavy silk, and brocade to cover your white wedding dress.

Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm
Apart from keeping yourself warm, you also need to ensure that your bridesmaids feel warm during the wedding. One way you can do this is to provide matching shawls or pashmina scarves to your friends. They can wear this together when taking an outdoor photo for a beautiful memorabilia.

Get Colorful Flowers
Another way you can accessorize your look on your wedding is to accompany your white dress with a beautiful bouquet consisting of deep colors. This will highlight your dress and stand out against the white background covered in snow.

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