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Weddings are saturated in traditions and it seems that the trend in so many areas of life is to step out of the traditional in favor of embracing what’s new and reflects your own personal philosophies. So we need to ask, what about established wedding etiquette? Many are old time rules so should we throw them all out and make all new ones?

While that is often the modern way there is a phrase that applies to much of wedding etiquette that can make us hesitate before we “get rid”. The phrase is “time tested”. Yes much of what has become long established ways of doing things are that way because it it what works.

A wedding planning period comes with a certain amount of stress for all involved and following some old and reasonable customs gives all some peace of mind when it is already established who is in charge of what and what is expected of them. It eliminates so much added time and discussion when we already know who will be walked down the aisles first, and who is in charge of making sure at the close of the reception who will button up the final details. If our families choose to stick to the script so to speak then the groom’s family will know they can enjoy hosting the rehearsal dinner.

The word “etiquette” is really just a way to show manners and manners are all about being thoughtful of those around you and not needlessly hurting someone’s feelings. And really, no matter what the era does thoughtfulness ever go out of style.

Of course, reasonableness applies and for some things time has necessitate a change. Now it is more commmon for the bride or the couple to pay for the bride’s dress and much of the wedding and that can be decided by the family.

Whatever your wedding style, we are sure that you will be happy that you shopped for your dress at Amanda-Lina’s. Like weddings that are often a mixture of old and new we are a well established business that works and we carry the very newest in bridal wear. We look forward to meeting you soon

This past week, we got to see what the world’s top wedding designers have in store for the coming season at the New York International Bridal Week. Here are a few of our favorite trends.

  • Pink: Pink gowns have been a growing trend for the past year or two, with several celebrity brides choosing the shade. While it’s largely been pastel, the new collections of gowns have shown that hot pinks are definitely in for brides.
  • Gold: Another hot color for the coming year is gold. A soft shade of this metallic is perfect for gowns and offers an alternative to champagne and ivory gowns. Another way this glitzy hue is being incorporated is through embellishments such as lace and embroidery.
  • Halters: This is set to be the hottest neckline for the coming year. It combines the exposed shoulders of a strapless gown with a more modest neckline. It’s also perfect for formal or casual gowns and can suit many different body types.
  • Lace: Like pink, this is anything but new as a bridal trend, but we can expect to see a lot more of it in the coming year. Lace sleeves are still big, as are lace overlays that give a beautifully delicate vintage look.

What is your favorite trend from New York International Bridal Week? If you’re looking for the dress of your dreams, give us a call or come by our Ontario bridal salon to find it today!

With the changing leaves comes a new season of bridal trends. For autumn, it’s a return to classic styles but with plenty of ways to be creative with your look.

Once again, lace is a big trend. This season, look for gowns that bring floral motifs in through the lace patterns. Flowers are also popular as accessories, including dress embellishments and brooches.

Another trend that’s carrying over from past seasons is color. While white is still the big go-to tone for the season, fall will be full of brides going for a splash of color. This ranges from pale blush shades to deep jewel tones.

Autumn is also a season for mix and match styles. Brides looking to cover up will be mixing faux fur coats with their strapless gowns for comfort and style.

To find out more about the trends for this and upcoming seasons, come by our Ontario bridal salon or give us a call today!

From the day you got the ring (or even before!) you probably started looking for the perfect wedding dress. Looking at different styles online can give you plenty of inspiration, but should you decide on a style before you go shopping?
It can be a good idea to see what you prefer, and to start thinking about what will suit the style of wedding you are planning. Knowing your taste in wedding gowns is much like knowing your taste in any other type of attire.

But just as you wouldn’t go to a mall with only a single shirt in mind, you shouldn’t get too fixated on one single style of wedding dress. Instead, have some general preferences and an open mind.
When you visit an Ontario bridal boutique like Amanda-Lina’s, our experts can help find the right dresses for you. Trying dresses on can often quickly change your mind — something you would have ruled out might become your favorite dress! To find the perfect wedding gown, give us a call today!