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Deciding what your bridal party will wear is almost as important as choosing your wedding gown. Finding the perfect style for your bridesmaids can be a challenge, particularly if there are different body types in your bridal party. One big decision is whether to go for a short dress or a long dress for your bridesmaids.

Some brides prefer to make the decision based on their own dress. If you’re wearing a shorter wedding dress, such as a tea-length or cocktail-length gown, you might want your bridesmaids to echo this with a shorter dress. Similarly, if you’re wearing a full-length gown, you might want your bridesmaids to also wear a longer style.

One big bridesmaid trend is to have a mix and match style. You can choose to have your bridesmaids all in the same color, the same fabric, or the same dress style, or allow them their choice of any of these. The best way to ensure they all look good together is to have them all try on their choices together. If it doesn’t look right to you, say something. After all, it is your big day!

When you choose the right bridesmaid style, having expert help can make things much easier. Call today to make an appointment for you and your bridal party to visit our Ontario bridal salon.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress style for your big day, consider a sleeved wedding dress. This is a great trend that has been going strong since Kate Middleton wore her famous gown in 2011.

There are plenty of variations of the sleeved wedding dress, though, so don’t feel like you need to copy Kate’s style. While lace sleeves are still a big hit among designers, there are many different styles available.
One great choice is an off-the-shoulder gown with sleeves. These styles give the coverage of sleeves while also showing off your neck and shoulders, like you’d see in a strapless gown. This extra bit of coverage is particularly good for autumn and winter weddings, where you might want a bit of extra warmth.
Of course, there are great Kate-inspired gown styles, too. The illusion neckline and full lace sleeve style has become a modern classic. It’s one that looks like it’s becoming a timeless choice for contemporary brides.
To find out more about the different type of sleeved dresses available, give us a call or come by our Ontario bridal salon today.

Are you looking for the perfect bridal trend for a late summer or autumn wedding? Look no further! Off-the-shoulder wedding gown styles are the perfect choice!

This big trend is being used in a variety of ways, making it perfect for just about any bride. An off-the-shoulder style is a great alternative to illusion necklines if you want to show a bit of skin without being too exposed.
It’s also a perfect choice for vintage weddings, with some styles calling to mind the fabulous 1950s Hollywood glamour. The style is perfect for channeling your inner Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe!
If you’re planning an autumn wedding, it can also be a very comfortable style choice. It’s easy to combine with a sleeved style, with many designers drawing on both of these great trends for their designs. The result is a dress that gives you a great neckline while still covering your arms.
To find out more about what options are available in off-the-shoulder styles, and to find the perfect dress for your Ontario wedding, give us a call today!

Rustic weddings are still a big trend, but many brides aren’t sure how to get the right look. You still want to look fantastic and glamorous, but you also want to fit into your theme. Here are a few ways to get the perfect combination.

    A touch of lace: Lace goes hand in hand with glamour, but can also add the perfect rustic edge to your gown. Look for styles that feature rough or unfinished edge styles for a real rustic touch.
    Off-white: Look for a darker ivory color for an antique, vintage, and rustic feel. Staying away from pure white tones can keep you from looking too stark against the rest of your wedding.
    Go with the flow: The rustic style really does need a flowing silhouette. A fun, slightly relaxed dress style is perfect for a glamorous rustic wedding.

Of course, with any style of wedding, the important thing is to find a dress that looks great on you and that you love. To find the perfect gown for your rustic wedding, come by our Ontario bridal salon today!