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This week, some wedding dress shops made the news for their “try-on fees,” something Amanda-lina’s doesn’t charge. Brides in some parts of the world were being charged more than the average monthly salary to have a 90-minute try-on session at certain bridal shops.

After some online debate about the fee in China, world-famous bridal designer Vera Wang announced that it would stop charging a try-on fee. The designer’s statement said that they want all Vera Wang customers to have the same experience worldwide.</p.

However, many designers and boutiques still use these fees as a way to keep counterfeiters and time wasters at bay. The fee, they say, is refundable if a bride chooses to buy one of their dresses.

Finding the perfect wedding dress should be a fun experience, and one you cherish the memory of, not something you’re charged huge amounts for. Here at Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique, we work with Ontario brides to make it easy and comfortable to find the dress of their dreams.

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It might not feel like it just yet, but spring is here. Spring is a time of newly bloomed flowers, and the most popular season for weddings. This means it’s a time for us to see many great wedding trends, too.

This year we’re expecting to see a lot of pastel colors in weddings, both for bridesmaids and brides. Pale pink dresses were a celebrity favorite last year, and will be popular this year, too.

Pink isn’t the only color for dresses, though. Mint green has shown up on a lot of bridal catwalks, and it is a beautifully feminine color that is perfect for spring.

Another great color trend we’ll be seeing a lot of this spring is the addition of grey. Combined with bright spring colors like yellow, it gives a classic, stylish look that is perfect for both formal and relaxed weddings.

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It’s a big season for celebrity weddings, and we love seeing what dresses the brides choose for their big day. According to rumors, it’s looking like Friends star Jennifer Aniston will be wearing Valentino for her big day. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is reportedly working with Donatella Versace for her wedding dress.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer is set to marry Justin Theroux soon, and many sources are reporting that the couple are opting for a destination wedding in Hawaii. We think this means that her Valentino gown, which she’s helped design, will probably be a light and flowing dress.

When it comes to the design collaboration between Lady Gaga, who is marrying Taylor Kinney, don’t expect white. The singer has asked for a black and gold silk gown with diamonds, a removable skirt, and a removable train.

Whether you want a classic, romantic look like Jennifer Aniston is expected to wear or something more dramatic, a la Lady Gaga, we have something for any Ontario bride. Come by our boutique or give us a call and see what we have to offer.

Following on from the shows of London Fashion Week, we’re starting to see a new trend coming up for 2013 wedding dresses — ruffles. Ruffles are great trend for wedding gowns, and being used in really creative ways.

Ruffled Dress

These aren’t the ruffles of decades past, either. Ruffles getting popular in prt because of the rise of mermaid-style dresses. These gowns use everything from a dense ruffled look to a loose, feathery style.

Ruffled Dress

Ruffled Dress

Of course, ruffles are showing up in other styles, too. Big ballgowns regularly feature ruffled detailing, but even sleeker cuts have begun to feature ruffled touches. Some of these include vertical and cascading ruffles for a soft, feminine look.

Ruffled Dress

Ruffled Dress

With so many dresses using ruffles, it’s looking like a trend that is here to stay. It’s also being reflected in other bridal accessories, such as boleros and shrugs, as well as decorative touches and cake decorations.

What do you think of ruffles? Do you love the classic look of them or do you think they belong in the ’80s? Let us know in the comments, and come by our Ontario boutique to find your perfect wedding dress.

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We’ve mentioned before how important it is to get an athentic wedding dress, and this week the New York Times covered the same issue.

Bridal designers are finding that people are offering cheap versions of their styles online. Whether they’re produced overseas or just by an amateur, the end result is far from what you want.

One designer quoted in the article went so far as to order one of the copies of her own dress. What she received looked similar, but was made out of inferior materials and lacked the fine touches.

Authentic Wedding Gown by Casablanca

Many brides are attracted to these reproduction gowns because they offer a huge savings over the original designs. However, with a lack of quality control, the money you spend on a knock off could be wasted.

Some brides find that the dresses are so bad they can wear them. Without a reputable seller behind the dress, there’s often no opportunity for returns or refunds.

Rather than spending your hard-earned money on a fake dress, you should find a reputable seller who offers great prices. If you’re looking for a bridal shop in Ontario, come by Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique. We offer Ontario brides excellent value, great service, and genuine dresses.