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Here at Amanda-Lina’s, we’re taking time to enjoy the holiday season. It’s also a time for us to thank all of the brides we have worked with throughout 2012.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday, with all the joy of the season. We’re sure there will be a few new engagements, so let us be the first to say congratulations.

When it’s time to choose your wedding dress, give us a call. We can help you find the dress that’s right for you, and you’ll get a great price. Amanda-Lina’s can help you with more than just gowns. We’re also offer great deals on gifts, accessories, and stationery.

We’re looking forward to 2013, and hope you are, too. If you’re getting ready for a big party to ring in
2013, it’s not too late to visit us for a spectacular dress. Be sure to check out our holiday hours.

At Amanda-Lina’s, we’ll be starting the year with our Bridal Blowout Sale, where you can save up to 80% on our great selection of bridal gowns and eveningwear. If you’re looking for any special occasion dress, get in touch with us!

Yes, it’s back, Ladies! Our biggest bridal and eveninggown sale of the year is right around the corner; January 3-6, 2013! Who doesn’t want to save up to 80% on these gorgeous gowns?

Save the date and come join us! We look forward to seeing you there.

A lot of brides wonder whether or not they need
to send out save the date cards to their guests.
While they aren’t always required, they can be a
big help for both the couple and their guests.

Here are a few of the big reasons that save the
date cards are a good idea:

Travel arrangements: A save the date card can give
your guests extra time to plan their travel and
accommodation. This is especially important if your
wedding is going to be over a holiday weekend,
or if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Getting things set: Having a tentative date in mind for
your wedding is much different than having an actual
date sent. Once you have a firm date, and have told
people to be free that day, you’ll be more committed
to the planning, and less likely to change things around.

Theme and style: Save the date cards can give your guests
an early hint about what style of wedding you’re planning,
and your wedding colors.

Introduction: For many couples, the save the date has
taken the place of an engagement announcement. In this
way, the save the date can introduce your more distant
friends and family to your fiancé and, depending on style,
even give them a picture of you as a happy couple.

Although we don’t carry Save the Date Cards, we know
who does. Also, if you’re still looking for wedding
accessories, please come see what we have to offer.

We were recently featured in Today’s Bride magazine, where we offered some advice on shopping for a bridal gown.


Here are the top ten mistakes brides make.

  1. Choosing the wrong store. Make sure your store is an authorized retailer for the designer you want. If not, you might not be protected if something goes wrong.
  2. Buying online. Online stores might not be authorized retailers of the designer, and you could even get a fake. Check with the designer to find an authorized retailer near you.
  3. Being tempted by online discounts. Many discount retailers aren’t authorized by the designers, and the wedding dresses on these sites are often sold as is. If it can’t be returned, you’re on the wrong site.
  4. Shopping with too many people. A bride should only have two people with her when she shops. Her mom and sister or best friend are usually the best choices, since they’ll have the bride’s best interest at heart.
  5. Trying on too many dresses. Most brides try on between four and seven gowns. Any more and it leads to confusion. It’s also important to listen to your heart when you find the right gown!
  6. Not keeping your options open. Bring in pictures of designs you like, but be willing to try other styles if your consultant recommends them. You might find something you love but would never have looked at.
  7. Requesting the wrong size. Wedding gown sizes generally run one or two sizes smaller than your regular clothes. Don’t get hung up on the number – go with how your measurements compare to the designer’s size chart. It’s also better to go with the bigger size if there’s a question. Any dress can be taken in, but only a few can be let out.
  8. Buying a dress you don’t love. Not going with your heart is a huge mistake.
  9. Trying dresses you can’t afford. Know your budget before you go shopping, and stick to it. Trying on wedding gowns you can’t afford will only make it more difficult to choose one that is in your budget.
  10. Not accounting for extra costs. If you have a strict budget for your dress, keep in mind that there will be extra costs to pay. These include alterations, sales tax, and accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, and a veil.

If you’re still looking for a wedding gown in Ontario, please stop by and let us find the perfect wedding dress for your body type.

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